Homes for Sale in Walker, Milton

Walker is a small area in the South West corner of Milton.  Currently it is all trees, land and some farms and will be used in future development.  Sections just North and East of Walker are well under construction with lots of homes.  However this area is the closest to Burlington and very close the the indoor cycling stadium, the Velodrome as you can see a picture above.  Below is the territory that Walkers are has and will one day be full of development.

Some Timbits

Conestoga and Laurier and still in talks to expand around the Veladrom, that idea is not dead.  Who knows if it will happen, but there is about 140 acres over there untouched and eventually will be developed.  My money is on the Schools being built there.

On the South West corner of Bronte and Louse st Laurent, a 300,000 Square foot plaza has been approved and expected to be completed by 2023-24.   This is more place then the current Milton Mall downtown.  Another 8000 Homes are expected to be built around that.

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