This is Toronto’s teeniest, tiniest condo

Maybe you’ve always liked tight spaces. Maybe you’ve always thought a couch was a better bed than a bed. You may even be the type of person who doesn’t mind if their balcony has about as much room to move like the living room.

If you’re any of these people – the Goode condos in Toronto’s Distillery District have the perfect unit for you. At 263-square feet, it’s the smallest unit ever offered in Toronto (or anywhere else in Canada). according to the BuzzBuzzHome database.

With units in the building starting at $455,900, that works out to about $1,733 a square foot.

Now, you may be tempted to compare this unit to a prison cell. But that would be unfair – a standard Canadian prison cell is 75 square feet, which means the condo could comfortably fit three prisoners without too much complaining.

While the units on the 11th through 50th floor may be small – the floorplan’s main room is listed as the “Living/Dining/Sleeping Room” at 12 feet by 12 feet – the designer insists space has been optimized.

“At The Goode, both suites and amenities are equal parts relaxed and refined,” senior designer Carolyn Roche says in a video. “Distinct and distilled. Expansive and elevated. Every floorplan has been finely tuned to maximize light and space, with spectacular views across the city and the lake.”

The building doesn’t offer the only small condo in the city. There is a 277 square foot unit that rents at Yonge and College in Karma Condos. New York City famously offers up a 60 square foot unit that comes on the rental market every once in a while to spark a flurry of stories.

The Goode by Graywood Developments markets itself as one of the last buildings to be built in the Distillery District. From its website:

“Titled The Goode, the building at 33 and 37 Parliament St. in the Distillery District will be 32 storeys and will include a multi-purpose room, a co-working area, fitness studio, bicycle repair room, maker’s table, and pet wash.
It will also feature a large roof terrace with a swimming pool and rooftop garden stand atop the 10-storey podium overlooking Distillery Lane.

The building’s name is a nod to Gooderham & Worts, once one of the largest distilleries in the world. The condo will essentially complete the condo development in the area, and be among the last developments built once construction is completed. Other major projects in the area include a 31-storey hotel at 60 Mill St. and one in the nearby Canary District designed by Danish architects.”

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