The Duke Pod Real estate stories, episode 2: Always something “More” to negotiate.

Welcome to our second episode of the Duke Pod where we share excellent and really fun, educational stories that actually happened in real life. The point of this podcast is to revisit the transactions that we were a part of and how it went. They are great to review the successes, issues and failures in each of these transactions. How clients were able to win a transaction, in their eyes and what we did to get there. Often these situations become unique and years of experiences tell us to handle them a certain way. In this episode, we look at two transactions that the clients came out very happy with due to the nature of the negotiations. The first situation came from our buyers who ultimately were able to save a few thousand dollars when we came down to the final negotiations to win a great deal on the house they wanted regardless. The second situation was on the selling end. The sellers were able to get a great offer because they reviewed two offers on the same day. By using the second offer as leverage, the sellers walked away with their home sold, for a great price, great overall situations and plans on celebrating.

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Filip Hajduk

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