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Episode 1

The Scoop of episode 1

Hi Everyone and welcome to the first edition of the Duke Pod: Real Estate stories episode 1.  For a long time I have been thinking about making a podcast.  I did NOT want to talk about straight statistics, or market updates also known as most of the boring stuff.  I consider myself at times a story teller and let me tell you we are in a lot of real estate situations that lead to an experience.  I am here to tell these stories that I find interesting and hope you do too, for sure you will learn something!  These situations can be positive as most of them are, neutral or stories about what NOT to do. I can tell you that being in the industry for almost 8 years and closings hundreds of real estate transactions over the years, we have seen it all.  It makes me wish I had started this podcast years ago, when I was making a lot of mistakes and getting myself in ALL kinds of fun situations. These days we do not making a lot of mistakes, however the people, the market, the wins and loses are all fascinating and keep things interesting.

At times I may bring up situations that happened in the past, however most of these stories are modern and fresh.  In episode one here below, we are talk about 2 stories.

Story number 1- How to sell for more money- Preparing the house for success using what we have and avoiding common mistake feedbacks.

In this story we look at a home that sold in June.  When I first met the client who wanted to sell her home, we agreed that the house will sell for $550,000, a 4 bedroom detached home in Caledonia.  I also noticed the house needed a paint job, featuring all kinds of colors originally.  In this story we examine the advice we gave the clients, how we executed that advice and used the market to sell that home for $33,000 more then the clients expectations.

Story Number 2: How to win a Dream home for a client in Multiple offers using some cool tricks.

The second story of the podcast talks about a buying situation in multiple offers.  These are often the toughest situations for buyers as multiple offers are difficult to win, after all there can only be one victor!  That means only one family can win regardless if there are 2 offers or 20.  Here is cool story that examines the steps leading up to the offer and how the offer was presented with the help of a picture got the client their “DREAM HOME”.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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Filip Hajduk

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