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With over a million Realtors® and real estate brokers in  Canada, selecting who to trust when buying or selling a property can be difficult.
A professional real estate agent will establish and negotiate the greatest price for your house while also assisting you in fully understanding the local real estate market.
They’ll reply swiftly to your demands, assist you locate postings before they’re public, pay attention to every detail, and win your respect for life.
We’ll help you discover the best agent for your needs, whether you’re selling your existing home or looking to buy your ideal house.

Our service is completely free for both house buyers and sellers to utilize. Duke Realty is the quickest and most convenient method to locate the finest agent for you. Find out more.



We loved working with Duke Realty! They made the process of searching for, and purchasing our first home as stress-free as possible. He was flexible and readily available to meet with us at times that fit our busy schedules.

Andrew and Stephanie




| was really impressed by Duke’s service as a realtor. Buying my new place was the easy part! We definitely faced some challenges,selling my house at the beginning ofthe covid- 19 pandemic. Between his price point strategy and his ability to negotiate offers, i sold my place for quite a bit more than expected! If you’re looking for a realtor give them a call!


Duke Reaty was absolutely fantastic, | would recommend them to anyone. They made my buying and selling experience wonderful from start to finish. Very professional and hard working.

Karen and Ronald




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