Selling a home is an art

Selling a home is an Art.  The advice you recieve or what you do to prepare for the sale can make the difference of $50,000-$100,000 in any sale.  That seems crazy, but its true.  Secondly it really depends in what kind of is happening in the real estate world around you at the moment, aka the market.  The seller wants to make as much money as possible, most of the time at least.  Its on the seller to make the house as presentable as possible.  Of coarse it depends on the house, but the feel, the presentation, the location all come together to give a home value.  At the end of the day,  buyers are going to walk into the home and determine based on what they see and what is happening around them, how much they want to spend to purchase the home. Here is a guide to help sell your home and a few important things to think about when you are planning to sell.

We will discuss these items market, pricing a home correctly,  a clean house, less is more, personalized non personal.



          Analyse the market.  In a seller market,  buyer will buy everything.  The home will sell no mater what.  For example in 2017, when the market went crazy for the first 5 months, just having your house on the market was good enough.  So is sound advice to keep an eye on the market, what is happening around you.  Talk to your realtor about the market and the correct expectations.  If you see your neighbors or others in the community are selling homes like hotcakes, don’t renovate, just clean and go!

          Analyse the market.  In a buyers market, there are lots of homes on the market, buyers have options, feel they can wait for the right or best home.  When this happens the best way to sell a home is by having it move in ready, turn key, all renovated and full of modern colors and touches.  The best one can do is modernize the home.  Here renovations are you friend, especially for nice kitchens, bathroom, modern colors on the walls, great furniture and thus staging and such.  Staging helps a lot, it could make the difference between having a buyer come to your home or not, let alone want to buy it over another home. If you can, you want to make you home look like something out of a catalog.  Lets say you have decent colors in the house, or the walls look decent but have had better days especially after your 2nd child started running around.  If your color look mediocre, an easy way to make a difference is to hire a painter, get your realtor to bring his stager or interior designer and give the home a face lift! 


Pricing a home correctly makes a world of difference.  In a sellers market, just start with an attractive price so the swarms of people can come and bid on it.  The more offers the more likely a higher price is yielded.  However in a buyers or neutral market pricing a home is fundamental to a successful sale.  Even overpricing a home by $30,000 can make the difference between it selling in a week or two or 1.5 months.  For some of you taking a longer time is fine, but after some weeks the grind of having strangers in your home, having to leave, keeping it clean gets to you.  Conversations with your realtors stop becoming fun and you certainly will not have a good time. The trick is to find the correct price and that has to be done by comparing the recently sold homes carefully.  Find comparable homes as close to your home as possible, carefully analyse the features.  Add or subtract upgrades to their sold prices and list your house for + 10-15k more for negotiation after determining the value.  Remember, it does not have to be tricky and the buyers are smart.  They will only pay close to what other homes have sold for.  Once they are interested they will carefully examine the comparable solds themselves,  determine their price.   Do the same, get familiar with potential outcomes and figure out what the buyers will pay to save yourself a huge headache!


Have you ever been to a place where are you see is stuff? There are so many things that they just take away from the room, the house, the space and look cluttered.  That got to the biggest buyer turn off.  When you are selling a home, remove everything in excess.  The big picture is to show how spacious each area can be.  Not only that but once the buyers can visual the space well, they start talking about where they want to put their furniture and that’s when you got the, they will buy the home.  Here are some pro tips.

1.  Remove everything off every counter tops and cabinet except a maximum of one nice item that matches. Do this in your kitchens and bathrooms too, especially the kitchen.  Its recommend not to leave anything on counter space.  People want more counter space not less, so don’t let them see any less then all of it!  

2. If you do not use it, hide it.  Anything you don’t need box them up, and him them, besides you are planning to move! Unless you need your coffee maker everyday, just put it away so it doesn’t take up any space in your beautiful home.  The best places to store unnecessary items are the basement if unfinished or the garage.  In cause you are one of those many people that have so many things, yes its ok to stack your garage full!  And if you do not have those opens, then put them in storage.  Storage may cost a little but nothing compared to the thousands you will make by doing things the right way!

3. Toilet seats down, shower curtains half open.  Children stuff away, and keep their eyes on the best parts of the house.

4. Do not clean out your closet.  Although you can keep them full of your things within reason, the buyers need to see how deep and tall the closet is.  If you can make sure they can tell then you are all set.


Cleanliness is next to godliness, every heard of that?  Having a godly home is the way to go to reach the top.  After you have removed all the clutter, put them away in the garage, basement or store them, then its time to clean up all the dust and make the place spotless!  Do it yourself if you have to, or hire a really good cleaning crew.  High end homes get a cleaning each week while on the market, but once a month will do just fine, maybe once every 2 weeks would be great too.  A good realtor knows lots of cleaners, have them add the service with the commission and with with a clean humble abode.  Plus you can enjoy a super clean home while you are still living there.  If you have never hired a cleaning company, now is the time to pamper yourself.


When its time to sell, it is highly recommended you put away anything that personalizes the space.  Time to put away family photos from the wall and the counters.  If you have religious items, put them in the drawers for when you need them, but remove them from the walls, rooms and everywhere in the home.  You as the seller want the best price, right?  That means you have no idea who the buyer will be, in fact if you personalize you home too much you may lose the best buyer for you home.  Sometimes it is a turnoff for a type of person to see too much photos or religious items, especially if they are of a different orientation.  While living in a home for an extended time, enjoy it, make it how you please.  However while selling, the only way to sell for the maximum price is make sure you do not limit your buyers.

There were some great tips on selling a home for the top dollar.

Enjoy and send them to anyone that needs them! Any questions?  Send us a message!