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The Riverdale community is seen as the gateway to Toronto’s east end. It’s a large, diverse neighborhood that’s especially known for its colorful shopping districts and quaint Victorian homes.

Riverdale, Toronto a lovely mix of an old-and-new neighborhood.

Large Victorian house.

Large Victorian house.

This is a high-density urban neighborhood that is also blessed with an abundance of parkland where one can escape the hustle and bustle of big city living. Riverdale Park to the West is one of the largest green spaces in the city.


The early years, its history dates back all the way to the late 18th century. Similar to many neighborhoods, it was originally settled because of the river in the area.

Skaters on Riverdale Rink in 1913.

Skaters on Riverdale Rink in 1913.

Riverdale was a small rural community until the Grand Trunk Railway began steaming through here in the 1850s.

The Grand Trunk Railway

The Riverdale Railway Station on De Grassi Street in 1952.

The Riverdale Railway Station on De Grassi Street in 1952.

The Grand Trunk Railway was created in 1850s and had a big impact on Riverdale. Workers’ houses were soon built in nearby Leslieville which led to the creation of roads, bridges and infrastructure.

The railway brought industry and employment opportunities to Riverdale. It also attracted a pool of laborers who built the first homes in Riverdale, south of the railway tracks. North of Queen Street Riverdale remained largely undeveloped until 1884 when it was annexed by the City of Toronto. At that time Riverdale was called Riverside. The name was probably changed to Riverdale as a reference to the city park of the same name, which has long been a landmark in this area.
Riverdale’s development was accelerated in 1918 with the building of Toronto’s largest bridge, the Prince Edward Viaduct. The Viaduct provided Riverdale with an important link to the City of Toronto, west of the Don River, and marked a coming of age for this popular Toronto neighborhood.


Riverdale is the gateway to Toronto’s east-end neighborhoods. It is a large and diverse community that is especially well known for its colorful shopping districts and quaint Victorian homes. This is a high-density urban neighborhood that is also blessed with an abundance of parkland where one can escape the hustle and bustle of big city living. Riverdale Park is one of the largest green spaces in the city. Its steep hills are a favorite of tobogganers. Withrow Park is a neighborhood hub and meeting place with a popular farmers’ market. Top-ranked schools, great shopping, and convenient access to public transit have attracted many families to this popular neighborhood.


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Riverdale Homes for Sale offers two and three-storey Victorian houses that were built largely between 1880 and 1924. Many of these homes have undergone extensive renovations that in some cases involved creating larger open concepts. Many third floors have walkouts to a deck that overlooks the lush Riverdale tree canopy. Riverdale Homes for Sale in South Riverdale are on average smaller, older, and less expensive than those in Riverdale Homes for Sale in North Riverdale. Most of Riverdale’s homes have parking off rear laneways, and permits are available for street parking.


Riverdale’s best-known shopping district is along Danforth Avenue, east of Broadview. The Danforth is the heart of Toronto’s Greek community. It features many first-class Greek restaurants and a dazzling array of stores. These include a mix of trendy and traditional shopping as well as a huge selection of fabulous restaurants. In the summertime, the sidewalks are overflowing with colorful planters, fresh local produce, and all year round you’ll find couples strolling, parents chasing toddlers, singles cycling, and dogs stopping for friendly bowls of water as they all make their way down the long, vibrant Danforth strip. Riverdale also has a Chinatown shopping district centered around Gerrard and Broadview. This stretch of the store is known for its bakeries, grocery stands, and restaurants. Another shopping destination point for Riverdale residents is Queen Broadview Village. This historic shopping district includes some interesting antique and collectible stores. Gerrard Square located at the corner of Pape Avenue and Gerrard Street is a large indoor shopping mall with over 70 stores.


Riverdale has a myriad of parks and parkettes situated throughout the neighborhood. The three largest parks are Riverdale Park East, Withrow Park, and Jimmie Simpson Park. Each of these Parks contains tennis courts, a wading pool, a hockey rink, and a baseball diamond. Riverdale Park also has an outdoor pool and a running track. The Jimmie Simpson Recreation Centre has an indoor swimming pool, a games room, and a gymnasium. The Pape Recreational Centre has a gymnasium, an indoor pool, a weight room, and meeting rooms. Riverdale has four public libraries that offer a myriad of programs for children, adults, and seniors.


Riverdale is an ideal location for commuters. The Don Valley Expressway, Lake Shore Boulevard, and the Gardiner Expressway are all quickly accessed from this neighborhood. Riverdale also has excellent access to public transit. There is regular bus service or streetcar service on Broadview, Carlaw, Jones, and Greenwood Avenues, as well as Queen and Gerrard Streets. The Bloor-Danforth subway has five stations serving Riverdale, including Broadview, Chester, Pape, Donlands, and Greenwood.

Schools, Colleges and Universities:


É Élém La Mosaïque

É Élém La Mosaïque - Public Elementary School

É Élém La Mosaïque – Public Elementary School

Address: 80 Queensdale Ave, East York, ON M4J 1Y3, Canada | Telephone: (416) 463-3975

Nous sommes heureux d’accueillir environ 400 élèves de la maternelle à la 6e année dans un milieu sécuritaire où il fait bon apprendre. À l’école élémentaire La Mosaïque, nous préconisons le développement global de l’enfant en mettant l’accent sur la pensée critique, la curiosité intellectuelle et l’imagination. Nous désirons outiller les enfants pour qu’ils prennent leur place dans un monde en évolution afin de devenir des citoyens engagés.As originally published by É Élém La Mosaïque

Frankland Community School

Frankland Community School - Public Elementary School

Frankland Community School – Public Elementary School

Address: 816 Logan Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 3E1, Canada | Telephone: 
(416) 393-9720 | Fax: (416) 393-8296 | Email:

Frankland strives to provide a safe and caring learning environment where each child has the opportunity to reach a high level of achievement and develop the knowledge, skills, and values to become a responsible member of our Canadian society. We are proud of the unique community culture and sense of belonging fostered within our school, and encourage participation in a wide variety of activities. In focusing on academic excellence, responsible self-esteem, and respect for all members of society, our students are encouraged and guided to reach their full potential. At Frankland, we honour the partnership between school, home, and community. We believe that together we can make a difference for the future of our children.” As originally published by Frankland Community School

Collège Français Secondaire

Collège Français Secondaire - Public Middle, High School

Collège Français Secondaire – Public Middle, High School

Address: 100 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B 1M3, Canada | Telephone: 416 393-0175

Le Collège français sera un milieu de vie stimulant pour tes amis et toi. Toute une équipe est là, chaque jour, pour t’aider à découvrir de nouveaux horizons et à mieux comprendre le monde qui t’entoure.As originally published by Collège Français Secondaire

É Élém Gabrielle-Roy

É Élém Gabrielle-Roy - Public Elementary School

É Élém Gabrielle-Roy – Public Elementary School

Address: 95 Mimico Ave, Etobicoke, ON M8V 1R4, Canada | Telephone: (416) 393-1360

L’école est composée d’une équipe dévouée, compétente et engagée dans la réussite et le bien-être des élèves. Le personnel de l’école travaille tout en comptant sur votre appui, votre soutien et votre engagement comme parents partenaires dans l’éducation de vos enfants. Ce sont des éléments essentiels pour la réussite de tous et de chacun. Pour y arriver, la communication ouverte, continue et positive, entre l’école et la maison, est encouragée et soutenue car c’est le moyen le plus efficace pour assurer le développement et les progrès de vos enfants.As originally published by É Élém Gabrielle-Roy

Earl Grey Senior Public School

Earl Grey Senior Public School - Public Middle School

Earl Grey Senior Public School – Public Middle School

Address: 100 Strathcona Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1G8, Canada | Telephone: (416) 393-9545 | Fax: (416) 393-9542 | Email:

Earl Grey provides excellence in education for our adolescent students, as well as a full range of quality co-curricular activities ranging from athletics to leadership opportunities. Through partnership with the home, staff provides opportunities for students to learn and grow intellectually, socially and emotionally. Character Education drives Earl Grey’s Caring and Safe school vision, which links to our school-wide Code of Conduct. Each member of our community has clearly outlined responsibilities which accompany her/his rights.As originally published by Earl Grey Senior Public School

Queen Alexandra Middle School

Queen Alexandra Middle School – Public Elementary, Middle

Address: 181 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2G3, Canada| Telephone: (416) 393-9535 | Fax: (416) 393-0782 | Email:

Queen Alexandra Middle School is a diverse community of learners who will be prepared to meet the academic challenges of the 21st century. All members will be empowered to be global citizens by thinking critically and acting collaboratively. The school serves approximately 250 students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 with more than half of the population of east Asian backgrounds. Queen Alexandra staff is committed to building a strong partnership between students, staff and parents in order to provide our adolescents with a productive, relevant learning environment as well as a rich, extensive co-curricular program to engage our largely inner-city population.As originally published by Queen Alexandra Middle School

Pape Avenue Junior Public School

Pape Avenue Junior Public School - Public Elementary School

Pape Avenue Junior Public School – Public Elementary School

Address: 220 Langley Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1B9, Canada | Telephone: (416) 393-9470 | Fax: (416) 393-9472 | Email:

Pape Avenue School at its present site, the corner of Pape and Langley Avenue, began as a four-room school on April 10, 1899. The principal and two teachers taught six classes from grade one to grade three. As the population grew, several additions were made to the building from 1908 to 1914, with the newest wing built in 1958. Originally consisting of a population mainly of British heritage, today Pape Avenue School is a community of students from diverse cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic backgrounds. The school celebrated its 100th anniversary on April 17, 1999. As originally published by Pape Avenue Junior Public School


Montcrest School

Montcrest School – Private Elementary, Middle School

Address: 4 Montcrest Boulevard, Toronto, ON M4K | Telephone: 416.469.2008 | Email:

Montcrest School is a co-educational, independent school that provides children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 with a solid academic foundation for future success in education and life. Our campus overlooks Riverdale Park in the Broadview and Danforth area of Toronto.As originally published by Montcrest School

ÉÉC du Sacré-Coeur-Toronto

ÉÉC du Sacré-Coeur-Toronto – Catholic Elementary School

Address: 25 Linden St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1V5, Canada 

L’école élémentaire catholique du Sacré-Cœur a 125 ans d’histoire! C’est avec enthousiasme que travaille une équipe dynamique. L’école accueille plus de 150 élèves de la maternelle à la 6e année. La langue française et la catholicité sont des priorités chez nous. Aux niveaux académique et personnel, nous rassemblons nos efforts en vue de permettre aux élèves d’atteindre leur plein potentiel.As originally published by ÉÉC du Sacré-Coeur-Toronto

Holy Name Catholic School

Holy Name Catholic School – Catholic Elementary, Middle School

Address: 690 Carlaw Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 3K9, Canada | Telephone: 416-393-5215 | Fax: 416-393-5934

Holy Name Catholic School is located on 690 Carlaw Avenue at the intersection of Pape Avenue and Danforth Avenue. The school has close to 350 students from numerous ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The school serves the Catholic Community of Holy Name Catholic Parish from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. The school has a strong commitment to the academic lives of our students but also fosters artistic, spiritual, and emotional qualities in its students.As originally published by Holy Name Catholic School

ÉSC Saint-Frère-André

ÉSC Saint-Frère-André – Catholic Middle, High School

Address: 330 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3Y1, Canada 

L’école secondaire Saint-Frère-André est une école accueillant les élèves de la 7e à la 12e année. Notre but premier en tant qu’établissement d’éducation est avant tout l’apprentissage et le développement de votre enfant dans un milieu francophone catholique stimulant. En vue d’offrir un enseignement de qualité et un choix intéressant d’options à nos élèves, nous offrons toute une panoplie d’activités parascolaires, ainsi que des programmes d’enseignement. «Offrir à l’élève une éducation de qualité dans un milieu de vie catholique et francophone où le respect de la personne, le sens d’appartenance à la collectivité franco-ontarienne, la promotion de l’excellence et enfin l’équité sont des valeurs visibles et essentielles à son épanouissement ». C’est non seulement la mission du conseil scolaire mais aussi celle des enseignants.As originally published by ÉSC Saint-Frère-André

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