January Real Estate Market updates: Toronto, Mississauga and Kitchener Ontario

Greetings, we are using Brokerbay Booking software to review trends in the real estate market from the last year and 30 days. This software is only a guide and the exact number are not accurate as it only accommodates for a fraction of the appointments and offers in the market. These statistics are based on all the companies and agents that use brokerbay and excludes other companies that do not.

In saying that, the market has definitely exploded in 2020. Prices up from 15%+ across the board since last year. There is also further evidence that the seller market will not slow down and recently since November 2020 is only increasing, meaning that supply is still way down and demand still way up! Let us know what you think. We shall see where these market trends go as Ontario is entering a further shutdown. However all evidence has pointed to a real estate market that is impossible to slow down for the time being.

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Filip Hajduk

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