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Erin Mills Town Center

Are you looking for a more mature, established community for the ultimate house move-in? Central Erin Mills Missisauga Homes is for you and will be a good landing spot for you and your family. Or if you’re looking for schools, parks, amenities, and a hospital, Central Erin Mills will also top the list.

 Here’s why.

  • First, Central Erin Mills is a true example of modern suburban living. All of the areas in Central Erin Mills are very close to Erin Mills Town Centre and the surrounding power centers, which is ideal for shopping.
  • Secondly, Most of these areas have parks and trails integrated into the planning of the neighborhoods, along with quiet streets and courts. There are a free-run dog park and many splash pads and fields for children to play in.
  • And lastly, this area is right off of the 403, and minutes to the Streetsville Go Train Station, which is ideal for the commuter lifestyle.


The Central Erin Mills landscape was dominated by farming, brick manufacturing, and industrial wool and grist mills. Beginning in the 1950s, E.P. Taylor, a wealthy Canadian entrepreneur, began purchasing farmland for future development by Canadian Equity and Development Limited, which owned Don Mills Development Corp. announced plans in 1969 to build a “New Town” in four phases. Erin Mills was to be the name of this town, which was presumably named after the nearby Erindale village.


Gorgeous, large Executive Houses at Central Erin Mills.
Gorgeous, large Executive Houses at Central Erin Mills.

The Central Erin Mills Mississauga Homes neighbourhood is essentially one large planned subdivision with row upon row of houses of varying shapes and sizes although the area has a very uniform look as all the houses were built around the same time. This is an excellent neighbourhood for young families as the real estate is affordable in comparison to many other Mississauga neighbourhoods. Commuters appreciate the convenient access to the 400 series highways and the Go Train service in neighbouring Streetsville. Neighbourhood landmarks include the Erin Mills Town Centre and the Credit Valley Hospital.


The Central Erin Mills Town Centre is a neighborhood shopping center destination. This indoor mall is anchored by Wal-Mart and features more than 180 name-brand stores and restaurants. Erin Mills Town Centre recently underwent a renovation, and it now has a new sun-infused center court as well as a new food court.


Central Erin Mills Mississauga Homes features detached, semi-detached and condo townhouse brick homes. These homes feature traditional floor plans and are perfect for families. This is the style of home most commonly found in subdivisions that were built in the 1990s and early 2000s. There is also a selection of condominiums that are part of the Central Erin Mills housing mix.

CONDO TOWNHOUSE: A condo townhouse is often a great choice to get a foothold in the area. Townhouse complexes offer very large, double car garage units and are in constant high demand. 

DETACHED HOMES: Most of Central Erin Mills is full of detached homes that range from 1700- 3000 square feet. As you move from Credit Valley, to Castlebridge, to Erin Meadows, you will observe distinct styles from one area to the next.


Erin Meadows Community Centre located at 2800 Erin Centre Blvd offers swimming and fitness programs as well as sports leagues.


Erin Meadows Community Centre located at 2800 Erin Centre Blvd includes a library and facility rentals.


Central Erin Mills Mississauga Homes is very attractive to families. It’s a very safe community with excellent schools and is centrally located, appealing to families who need to commute via the highway, with easy access to highway 403.

It is less than 10 minutes to the Streetsville GO Train and Hwy 401. Its closest highway is the 403 which links it to very well to the rest of Mississauga and Oakville (410, 401, 407, and QEW). Centrally located, it’s a very good compromise for those families that work in very different directions. 

Hospital Facility

The Central Erin Mill, Credit Valley Hospital
The Credit Valley Hospital and Erin Mills Town Centre were to be the focal points of the community and remain so today.

Central Erin Mills also has its own hospital just south of the mall called Credit Valley hospital. Central Erin Mills also has a myway tranist station and is minutes from Streetsville GO.

This town that is truly revolutionary!

This community is for people who want large homes on quiet streets with good schools and parks, who are willing to drive to the mall and shop at all the franchise stores. If the suburban dream is what you are after, Central Erin Mills Mississauga Homes delivers in spades.

Schools, Colleges and Universities:


Credit Valley PS

Credit Valley PS – Public Elementary School

Address: 2365 Credit Valley Rd, Mississauga, ON L5M 4E8, Canada | Telephone: 905-607-0770 | Fax: 905-607-0773 | Website | School Info

At Credit Valley Public School we believe that all children can achieve their fullest potential. With inclusion, empathy and character building as a foundation for learning, children will be encouraged to view themselves as part of a global community that can make a difference. Credit Valley is a dual-track French immersion school located in Mississauga. Since opening our doors in 1991, we have had a long history of academic excellence that prepares students for future successes. Our students represent diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. Credit Valley offers students a safe learning environment where a mutual respect for all is expected. Our Credit Valley school community, including staff, students, and parents, is committed to developing passionate learners who are motivated to achieve personal success.As originally published by Credit Valley PS

Middlebury PS

Middlebury PS – Public Elementary School

Address: 5482 Middlebury Dr, Mississauga, ON L5M 5G7, Canada | Telephone: 905-821-8585 | Fax: 905-821-8996 | Website | School Info

At Middlebury Public School, our school motto reflects who we are and what we value – ”We Strive, We Thrive, We Grow.” When teachers and students strive to do their best in a caring and nurturing environment where all can thrive, everyone grows. These words were taken from our school song, “One World.” This inspiring song encourages us to share “the one place that we call home – the only place we have to call our own.”As originally published by Middlebury PS

Streetsville SS

Streetsville SS – Public High School

Address: 72 Joymar Dr, Mississauga, ON L5M 1G3, Canada | Telephone: 905-826-1195 | Fax: 905-826-8700 | Website | School Info

Streetsville Secondary School is a learning community of students, parents, staff and the greater community that collaboratively supports student success. Since opening in 1958, the school has established a long-standing tradition of educational excellence. The school has approximately 900 students, 58 teachers and 10 support staff. A positive educational experience for all students is maximized through diverse programming, resources, modern equipment and extensive support for student success. In addition, Streetsville Secondary is one of the sites for the Secondary Regional Communications Program – Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The school’s regional French Immersion program was introduced in September 2005. Students study francais, geographie, sciences, histoire, education a la citoyennete, exploration des choix de carrieres, histoire du monde and Le Canada et le Monde: Une Analyse Geographique. As originally published by Streetsville SS

Thomas Street MS

Thomas Street MS – Public Elementary, Middle School

Address: 2640 Thomas St, Mississauga, ON L5M 5G8, Canada | Telephone: 905-812-3725 | Fax: 905-812-3716 Website | School Info

Thomas Street Middle School “Lives, Loves, Laughs, Learns in Harmony and strives to leave a Legacy of integrity and fulfillment as citizens and individuals.” Our teachers, parents and students form a collaborative learning community dedicated to supporting all learners. We have high academic standards for all students which have been demonstrated through our consistent performance in our EQAO scores. Students are encouraged and given the opportunity to strive for high levels of achievement and to become involved in curricular and extracurricular activities.As originally published by Thomas Street MS

Dolphin Sr PS

Dolphin Sr PS – Public Elementary, Middle School

Address: 18 Brookside Dr, Mississauga, ON L5M 1H3, Canada | Telephone: 905-826-4247 | Fax: 905-826-99316 

Dolphin Sr. Public School is a middle school that is tucked away at the end of Brookside Drive in Streetsville. It has a diverse population with two enhanced learning classes, two ICOM classes and a GLD class. Our Mission is, “Making a Difference for all Students.” We also value equity, diversity, inclusiveness and social justice and believe that all stakeholders should work in harmony with one other, respecting differences and ensuring that all students can succeed. The academic success of all our students is our focus through the school success work in collaboration with our unit work, PDSB and the Ministry. As originally published by Dolphin Sr PS

Castlebridge PS

Castlebridge PS – Public Elementary School

Address: 2801 Castlebridge Dr, Mississauga, ON L5M 5J9, Canada | Telephone: 905-812-7906 | Fax: 905-812-9268 Website | School Info

Castlebridge Public School opened in 2000. Since opening, the school has been committed to developing lifelong learners that are global thinkers and aware of their social responsibility. We truly believe that every student can succeed. This belief has created a positive and inclusive learning environment that values each child’s uniqueness. Castlebridge staff value setting high expectations for all. Staff are committed and confident in change and are open to new instructional strategies that support student achievement. To foster healthy personal development we understand the importance of practicing and sustaining positive two-way communication between school, home and the community.As originally published by Castlebridge PS

John Fraser SS

John Fraser SS – Public High School

Address: 2665 Erin Centre Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5M 5H6, Canada | Telephone: 905-858-5910 | Fax:  905-858-1973 Website | School Info

John Fraser Secondary School opened in 1990. The school is named after the former director of education who retired from the Peel Board in 1988. Our reputation for academic excellence is equaled by our reputation for being a welcoming space where social responsibility is modeled and fostered. Our Mission: John Fraser Secondary School is committed to academic excellence where personal growth is encouraged and supported in a respectful, inclusive and safe learning environment.As originally published by John Fraser SS

Vista Heights PS

Vista Heights PS – Public Elementary School

Address: 89 Vista Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5M 1V8, Canada | Telephone: 905-826-1581 | Fax: 905-826-9997 Website | School Info

Since opening in 1956, Vista Heights Public School has been committed to providing a safe learning environment for staff and students. Parents and community members regularly volunteer their help in all areas of school life. At Vista Heights School we will provide an excellent educational program delivered by caring professionals in a safe and secure environment where each child is encouraged and supported to work toward their potential.As originally published by Vista Heights PS


Saba’s Academy

Saba’s Academy – Private Elementary, Middle School

Address: 1675 The Chase, Mississauga, ON L5M 5Y7, Canada | Telephone: 647-272-1745 | Email:

Our Mission: To educate and train students by providing guidance, knowledge, resources, mentors, experience, and an institution that specializes and prides itself in providing quality education to children and adults. We aim to not only educate, but we are committed to doing everything we can to overcome difficulties in English Language so that it is easy for people to integrate into Canadian society.As originally published by Saba’s Academy

ÉSC Sainte-Famille

ÉSC Sainte-Famille – Catholic Middle, High School

Address: 1780 Meadowvale Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5N 7K8, Canada | Telephone: 905-814-0318 | Fax: 905-814-8480 | Website

Ici, à l’école secondaire catholique Sainte-Famille, nous offrons une ambiance familiale dans une communauté multiculturelle dans laquelle le succès de l’élève passe par un personnel impliqué et dévoué. L’enseignement de qualité, incluant la technologie et des programmes diversifiés, permet à l’élève de croître dans sa foi catholique, sa langue et sa culture francophone, et ce, dans un environnement sécuritaire.” As originally published by ÉSC Sainte-Famille

ÉÉC Saint-Jean-Baptiste

ÉÉC Saint-Jean-Baptiste – Catholic Elementary, Middle School

Address: 1910 Broad Hollow Gate, Mississauga, ON L5L 3T4, Canada | Telephone: 905-820-7460 | Fax: 905-820-2774 |Website

Notre école est vibrante et dynamique avec ses 364 élèves. Elle a un caractère unique car elle a une communauté très unie et impliquée. En plus, le personnel de l’école est des plus engagés et enthousiastes. Nous sommes fiers de notre école et de notre partenariat avec la garderie « Éveil aux savoirs ». L’éducation que nous y offrons permet à tous les élèves de vivre en français dans un environnement catholique.As originally published by ÉÉC Saint-Jean-Baptiste

St Aloysius Gonzaga SS – Catholic High School

Address: 2800 Erin Centre Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5M 6R5, Canada | Telephone: (905) 820-3900 | Fax: (905) 820-3902 | Website

At St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School it is our common purpose as Catholic Christian believers that students will be given every opportunity to fulfill their true potential spiritually, academically, athletically and socially. It is our belief that as nurturing educators our students will model themselves in the image of Jesus Christ. They will be caring, respectful and responsible individuals. They will develop a passion for learning and a belief in justice, generosity and forgiveness. We, the students, parents, staff and community of St. Aloysius Gonzaga believe in the gospel values of Faith, Hope, Love, Peace and Service. As originally published by St Aloysius Gonzaga SS

Divine Mercy School

Divine Mercy School – Catholic Elementary, Middle School

Address: 2840 Duncairn Dr, Mississauga, ON L5M 5C6, Canada | Telephone: (905) 812-5445| Fax: (905) 812-4922 | Website

Divine Mercy Catholic Elementary school was built in 1998. The school blessing was held on May 13th, 1999. We, the Catholic community of the Divine Mercy School, will nurture, inspire and educate our children in a physically safe and emotionally secure environment. We will promote the spiritual, emotional and intellectual potential of each individual and encourage a lifelong love of learning.” As originally published by Divine Mercy School

St Rose of Lima School

St Rose of Lima School – Catholic Elementary, Middle School

Address: 4590 The Gallops, Mississauga, ON L5M 3A9, Canada | Telephone: (905) 828-4076 | Fax: (905) 828-4740 | Website

It is the mission of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Elementary School to challenge students to welcome and value the involvement of all that have an interest in our community, to challenge students to excellence in everything they do spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically, grow in respect for self, others, authority and property and develop Catholic leadership skills. This suburban Mississauga school has 382 students from the neighbouring community and two specialty programs: a regional Self-Contained Gifted Program for students in Grades 6 through 8 and Extended French for students in Grades 5 to 8.As originally published by St Rose of Lima School

Our Lady of Mercy ES

Our Lady of Mercy ES – Catholic Elementary, Middle School

Address: 5820 Glen Erin Dr, Mississauga, ON L5M 5J9, Canada | Telephone: (905) 814-9216 | Fax: (905) 814-9217 | Website

Our Lady of Mercy School is a JK-8 elementary school located at 5820 Glen Erin Drive in the eastern section of the City of Mississauga. Our school motto; “Achieving, Believing and Caring,” reflects our goal in working together with parents, parish and the community to create a rich faith and learning environment. Our Lady of Mercy School is committed to establishing high academic standards within a learning environment that focuses on continuous improvement for both students and staff.As originally published by Our Lady of Mercy ES

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