Milton, one of the fastest growing cities in Canada

Milton is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada.  A residential, lightly dense area, with the most percentage of children in one town, hovering about 35%.  The city has a population of Roughly 110,000 and is projected to have about 145-160,000 Peoply by 2021!  The city has lots of room to go and plenty of construction projects approved already which will increase.  There is a plan in place to get as many as 235,000- 250000 people making their home here by 2031!  Here area list of the all the new projects approved and who they are allocated to!

Approved and coming up looks like 4 condo complexes which seems like 8 buildings, 6 high rise and the rest low rise.  This town will look a lot different in a few years!

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