MY favourite real estate investments are available in early December!

Welcome! From the least expensive available investments.

  1. 680 Wyld in North bay

At $299,000 It is a non-conforming 4 plex. At this price, this is an excellent way to get into the market with mortgage helpers Or start your real estate investment portfolio Offer date Dec 7th


 2. 53 Port St Brantford $499,900

This is a 4 plex with the same owner for 40 years. They have done NOTHING to the property and it will need a lot of work. However, at $499,900 this is an amazing opportunity for a fix and resale Or Buy hold and rent. The least expensive 4 plex sold in Brantford this year was around $750,000! This one is oozing with potential!

3. 63 Britannia Goderich $599,000

At this price, almost any triplex is a good deal. In the quiet town of Goderich close to the Michigan border. The current owner still lives there, but this has a high cash flow potential as market rents for each unit should be from $1000 for the 1 bedroom – $1400 or so for the 2. Corning investment with plenty of parking. Fairly nice looking, just buy and rent!

4. 531 Main st E Hamilton $749,900

This is a 4500 Square foot home with zoning that would allow for a 6 plex. At this price, even if this is a substantial project for someone, it is a great deal. The average 6 plex in Hamilton is going well over $1,200,000. This one needs the most capital, however, has the most potential and highest turnaround resale value. The offer date is Wednesay Dec 9th – Easy stocking stuffer

5. 94 Empire Welland $799,900

I thought this was sold but the last buyer clearly backed out. At $800000 renting for $4500 + Utilities, 3 residential units and 1 commercial. This is a turn-key investment with high rents. The commercial unit is a convenience store, so come check this out, grab a bag of chips while you are there!

  6. 60 Ross St Thomas $1,500,000

This is a large 4 plex with an additional commercial unit that is a CASH COW generating $12500 monthly! Floor plans available. If you are looking for a money maker at this budget, this is it!

 7. 72 Hartzel St Catharines $1,700,000

Large Building 5327 Square feet with 6 residential units and 2 commercial units. Has a large garage and plenty of parking

8. 24-26 King st Omemee $1,700,000

Ever wanted to own the library in town, now you can! 6 residential units, 2 commercial units, including you guessed it a library, the Kawartha local library. This is a solid building, well established and cash flowing well. Lots of long term potential and almost 10,000 Square feet! It’s Huge! Grab a bagel and rent some books!

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