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Mississauga Valleys is a small area beside Square one, but a busy vibrant place.  Deep amongst commercial buildings are a few communities of people that call it home with glee.  location wise, it is fantastic.  There are lots to do, parks, community centres, stores and a variety of homes.  This is a special place.

Geographically,  Mississauga Valleys is just East of Square one with boundaries of Hurontario to Cawthra rd, and Burnhamthorpe to Dundas.  It is surrounded by popular areas such as Rathwood, cooksville, City Centre, fairview and Applewood.

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History of Mississauga valleys

Mississauga Valleys was historically known as a part of the village of Cooksville, first established in the 1820s.  It was mostly vacant except for a few scattered families.  The only heritage building was the Cherry Hill house built in 1822.  It was used for many things but later converted into a restaurant. The Mississauga Valleys District area remained predominantly rural until the mid 1950’s.  In the late 1960’s, the major landowner and developer, S.B. McLaughlin Associates Limited, began to develop the remainder of the Mississauga Valleys District area, comprising of approximately 290 hectares (720 acres) of land, for detached dwellings, semidetached dwellings, townhouses,apartments, commercial centres, schools, parks and open spaces. Most of the housing Stock in the district was built in the 1970s.

Price farm 1900s, Mississauga Valleys

Radial railway train 1930s

                                                                                             Real Estate in Mississauga valleys

Location, location, location is one of the huge perks of living in Mississauga Valleys, you are close to everything!  Located in the dead centre of town, 10 minutes to the lake and 10 minutes west to the 401, you can get to anywhere you want.  Real estate here tends to be a little older, home of all shapes and sizes built in the 1970s.  However the condo boom affected the valleys quite a bit.  A few old and newer building round out the neighbourhood.  The prices in general are about average to above average.  Its an excellent place to get into if being in a home, in the centre of town is ideal.

Places to keep in Mind

Mississauga Valleys community centre

Square one Shopping centre 

Schools in Mississauga Valleys (With rankings from

Public Schools                                                             Catholic Schools

1. Thornwood Public School (99/162)

 2. Silver Creek Public School (167/192)

3. Briarwood Public School (168/192)

1. Metropolitan Andrei Catholic School 165/192)

TL Kennedy Secondary (3.4 )

Father Michael Goetz Secondary (6.3)

Top Reasons to live in Mississauga Valleys

Top 3 Reasons to choose
Meadowvale Village

1. Location, location, location: You are in the centre of everyhing

2. Lots to do. By Square one, close to other malls and parks.

3. Getting around is easy. Lots of transportation options here

Top 3 Reasons to live somewhere else

  1. Older: Most of the community was built in the 1970s.  Not a lot of new modern places to live

2. Busy: If you wanted something quiet you should look elsewhere            3. Poor Schooling:  All the school ranking poorly in general compared to the rest of the city.

Square one Shopping Centre 


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