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Mineola, Mississauga ($$$$)

Mineola is a truely one of a kind neighbourhood in Missisauga.  It is a prime location, everyone would love to live here and live in these types of spacious, often bustom built homes.   There are many Million dollar homes, and posh neighbourhoods. Some of these homes are huge lots and can often make it feel like a Cottage amongst the city.   It has a great balance between beautiful luxury in a tranquil as well as fantastic location in Mississauga East, close to lake Ontario.  Mineola also has some of the oldest and tallest trees in the city, providing a special natural vibe.  Drive by in the fall and Spring!

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Mineola has a boarder of the QEW on the North and The Go Train Tracks on the South (Which lead to Port Credit).  The western border is cut off at the Credit river all the way to Cawthra to the East.  Mineola is considered a great place to walk.  It has lot of trailers, great places and neighbourhoods to go far a stroll, only rivaled by Port Credit with a better walk score.  When the walking is good, the commute is better with easy access to Port Credit and Dixie Go Train stations, the QEW and 427 Highways to get in and out of Toronto with ease as well as Niagra and any other places you like!  Come to Mineola to settle down, enjoy the location, schools and community, but it will not be cheap!

School in Mineola (Rankings If Available)

Mineola is known for having some great schools.  Kenolie public is one of the top elementary schools in the city and Port Credit Secondary is a wonderful option for high school students

Kenolie Public School

Queen Elizabeth Senior

Janet Mcdougald Public

Mineola public (7.6)

Port Credit Secondary School (7.6)

Top Reasons to live in Mineola 

Top 3 Reasons to choose Mineola

1. Wonderful communte to anywhere in Mississauga, Toronto and the GTA!

2. Fantastic choices of Schools. Elemtary school rate high and its in the area of Port Credit secondary, a great school.

3. Large lots, modern homes, lots of nature and close to everything. Steps away from nature and a stones throw away from the city highlights.

Top 3 Reasons to live somewhere else

1. One of the most expensive areas in Mississauga. Modern homes with a large lot come with a large price tag.

2. Mineola is a business to some. For years builders and contractors have bought homes renovated them or torn them down. A good chance your home could have been a flip at some point.

3. Not a lot of places to shop, lack of major shopping. You will have to drive to get what you need.

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