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Lisgar is a lovely family oriented community in North West Mississauga.  It has a boundary of highways 401 to Britannia north to south and Winston churchill on the East to 9th line on the West side, and final boundaries in Mississauga.  It actually is the Most west part of the city and access to Milton, Halton hills, conservation areas, farms and such are as easily accessible as the rest of the city from here.  The area is dense with homes and has some shopping plazas mostly around it, making it what I would call a easy going and normal, almost basic family area.  This is a neighborhood that you can easily raise your children, enjoy the parks and area while enjoying a more easy going vibe of Mississauga

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Lisgar Mississauga Homes For Sale

Lisgar is an easy neighborhood for commuters as Lisgar Go Train station is on the corner of 1oth line and Argentia rd.  Meadowvale Go train station is also really close depending where you live, also Steetsville Go may even be closer if you love closer to Britannia, making 3 GO train station in easy proximity.  In addition, lots of city buses are around, as well as easy access to the Meadowvale town center Bus terminal.  Buses here can take you throughout the city and all the way to the Metro stations on Kipling in Etobicoke!

The area has a lot of offer in terms of shopping and local parks, there are a lot of them.  3 major shopping centers surround Lisgar Mississauga Homes;

1 . The plaza on Tenth line and Derry inculding a Metro and lots of stores

2. Meadowvale town centre (Mostly) strip mall.

3. Argentia Shopping world, including many many stores such as Walmart, Canadian super store and more.

Lisgar Mississauga Homes has your shopping needs covered.

Meadowvale Town center 

Lisgar Real Estate

Lisagar Mississauga Homes as a neighborhood is an extension of Meadowvale which was built in the 1970s.  Around the late 80s and Early 90s homes were build in West of Meadowvale.  Lisgar was born, and as you walk around the area you will notice a newer vibe then Meadowvale.  Homes are more modern, around 20-25 years old at this point.  Typical 2 story detached, towns and semis with ensuite bathrooms will be found here.  What we like most about Lisgar Mississauga Homes, is the price.  Simply put, Lisgar is still one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Mississauga when compared to the rest of Mississauga.  Real estate in Lisgar Mississauga Homes is always stable, with new families and home owners looking to either get in or upgrades.  

School in Mineola (With Rankings)

Public schools

Trelawny Public school

Plum Tree Public

Osprey Woods

Kindree Public

Millers Grove Public

Edenwood Middle School



Catholic schools

Saint Terese of the Child Jesus

Saint Albert of Jerusalem

Saint Simon Stock

Saint Edith Stein

High Schools in Lisgar

Meadowvale Secondary School (7.5)                         Our Lady of Mount Carmel   (6.8)

Top Reasons to live in Mineola

Top 3 Reasons to choose Lisgar

1. One of the most affordable areas in Mississauga. Maybe the best value for a family friendly area in Mississauga.

2. Its a great, quite family neighborhood.

3. One of the more modern and youthful areas of Mississauga.

Top 3 Reasons to live somewhere else

1. It is the furthest part of Mississauga to Toronto, Lake Ontario and Highway QEW.

2. Lisgar its a quiet family area, if you want character and action, you will not find it here.

3. Lisgar is highly populated residential area, it lacks character.

Questions, comments, concerns, real estate question, best recipes in Lisgar?

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