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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas, that will make Dad Laugh!

Last updated on July 18th, 2021 at 08:46 pm

We’ve all heard them. They’ve been received with groans, eye rolls, and begrudging laughs. Dad jokes are both beloved and despised—like corny puns, they’re funny because they’re so not funny. But what makes a dad joke different from a regular pun? The signature of a dad joke is that it’s utterly uncool. Grandma may be the queen of nonsensical sayings, but Dad is certainly the king of cheesy jokes.

We could all use a good laugh right now, but Dad especially so. After all, he’s always on dad duty—working hard, fixing things around the house, and offering expert advice—and now that we’re amid a pandemic, he’s worried about you even more than usual. That is why a funny Father’s Day gift is an excellent choice this year, whether as a stand-alone gift or in conjunction with one of these more serious Father’s Day gifts that every dad would appreciate. It will not only provide much-needed laughter for the entire family, but he will appreciate the fact that you took the time to figure out what would make him smile.

Dad Bag Fake Belly Fanny Pack

Warning: Staring at this man’s belly fanny pack for too long could cause nightmares. But for a guy who’s obsessed with all the pockets available in cargo shorts, why not add another place to store whatever it is men seem to carry around. 

Daddy Shark Official T-shirt

He’ll LOL because he just can’t believe that now the song has infiltrated his wardrobe. 

Cold Beer Coats

These little coats exist to keep Dad’s hands comfortable while he’s drinking his favorite cold one. 

Six-Pack Apron

Your dad has wanted a six-pack since his glory days, and you’ll make all of his dreams come true with this macho-man apron. One size fits all, so you won’t have to worry about guesstimating the fit. He can also throw it in the wash after a grilling session.

Instant Underpants

You never know when Dad will have a wardrobe emergency, but your gift will have him covered. A pair of undies is conveniently compressed into a pellet that expands into full underwear with water—which goes to show that some of the best things really do come in small packages. If your dad finds himself in a real bind, here are the proven skills he needs for any emergency.

Reusable Gas Neutralizers

If your dad likes to let ’em rip—this is the gift for him. These activated charcoal pads from Subtle Butt can be placed in underpants so that they filter gas odors. Now, thanks to this handy contraption, the whole room doesn’t have to suffer when his stomach is bothering him.

Tears of My Chess Opponents

Because he is always bragging about his chess skills. He’ll definitely use this funny mug every day.

”Darth Vader & Son’ & ‘Vader’s Little Princess’ Deluxe Box Set

Star Wars fans can introduce their passion to their kids at an early age through the work of award-winning artist and storyteller Jeffrey Brown. This boxed set includes his first two Jedi-filled bestsellers in hardcover forms, as well as two unique prints to frame in the nursery, playroom, or Dad’s office.

Chillsner Beer Chiller

Next time he wants a drink, Dad won’t have to worry about waiting for beer to refrigerate (or accidentally having one explode in a freezer while he was distracted by a diaper change) thanks to these drink chillers. Simply freeze, insert into nearly any beer bottle, and kick back to enjoy a cold one.

Dog Paw Socks

Is Dad is the biggest dog lover in the family? He can sport paws just like his best friend with these fun socks.

Man Bun Visor

Man buns are in, but maybe Pops isn’t all that fortunate in the hair department. Fear not—this visor will help him achieve the hipster look without having to call attention to his bald spots. It even allows you to pick your style: loose and messy or tight and clean.

Toilet Timer

Dad is always hogging the toilet for longer than he should. Help him stay on schedule with this funny Father’s Day gift. The toilet timer works like a sand clock, timing the length he is allowed to stay in the bathroom. For a more serious present, these are the tech gifts he’ll really want on the big day.

A mouse pad with your smiling face

If your pops regularly use a mouse, you can put a smile on his face by creating a custom
mouse pad featuring his favorite kid. Make a funny face, take a super-close-up selfie, or let your imagination run wild, and use the photo for your gift.

An eye glasses holder

If dad is somehow always losing his glasses, a fun holder is a nice way to liven up his desk area, and keep track of them.

Many dads are — for better or worse — known for their humor.

Whether he really is the funniest guy you know or his dad jokes are simply hall of fame worthy, he might appreciate a good joke (and some lighthearted sentimentality) more than anything else on Father’s Day. I hope we helped you decide what’s the best last minute gift for Dad, to make them laugh or just pair them with one of your other favorite Father’s Day gifts or keep them short and sweet on their own.

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