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Hurontario, Mississauga ($$$)

Hurontario is without question the center of Mississauga, making it perhaps the most convenient area to be in.  This is has great location and quite a bit of variety including lots of homes, townhouses, semis condos, shops and more

The location of Hurontario is from Mavis to 410 on the East end.  Highway 403 is the South boarder to Matheson boulevard.

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One does not need to guess that along highway 10 (Hurontario), life can be hectic. With that comes the good and the bad.  If nothing else, it is very exciting with pockets of casual residential areas that you can find a great place to live with access to good schools.  In the flip side there will also be lots to do here!

    Highlights of Hurontario

The Large plaza at Eglinton and Hurontario where consumer can find food from all over: Mississauga Marketplace

Right Beside Square One (Go Bus access)

Sheridan College (Beside Square One)

Real Estate in Hurontario

Hurontario has a variety of comes, different shapes, sizes and agent.  Originally the area had started development in the late 70s after the construction of the Square one Plaza in the City Center.  You will find 40 year old homes, townhouses and so on, yet you there are new construction happening as well.  Pinnacle has developed a number of building right on Hurontario just north of Elginton that are just nearing completion full of new modern condos.  Same goes for Keystone Condos by Kaneff Developments right off Eglinton East of Hurontario.

The are of Hurontario is priced in the middle high end of the spectrum in Mississauga.  The location and high demand for the area has really driven the prices high, making it a destination for families looking to move.  The area is very diverse as families have constantly immigrated in the area.  There is a lot of maturing families as well as young ones moving in.  Also there is a high concentration of immigrants and professional that call Hurontario home.

Transportation is fantastic.  Lots of highways in the area, the new LRT system is now active and great city transit.  Schools such as Applewood Heights and St Frances Xavier (Hurontario and Bristol) being highly rated.  There is a long list of available schools below with some rankings.

Schools in Hurontario (With Ranking)

Public Schools                                                             Catholic Schools

1. Champlain Trail school

2. Huntington Ridge Public

3. Nahani way Public

4. Cooksville Creek Public School

5. Bristol Road Middle School

6. Fairwind Senior Public

1. St Gertrude Elementary

2. St Mathews Elementary

3. St. Pio of Pietrelcina

4. San Lorenzo Ruiz Elementary School

5. St. Hilary Elementary School

6. St. Jude Separate School

Applewood Heights Secondary (7.1)

St. Francis Xavier Secondary School (8.1)

Top Reasons to live in Mineola 

Top 3 Reasons to choose Hurontario

1. You will be in the centre of everything important in Mississauga

2.  Some great schools in the area

3. Some of the best access to highways and transit. Highways  403, 401, QEW, 410 are all close by.

Top 3 Reasons to live somewhere else

1. It can get very busy

2. The homes tend to have mid 80s design and set up.  If you want something modern and or new, you may not find it here.

3.  Its not the cheapest area in Mississauga.  It can have some value if you also wanted to live around Hurontario.

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