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Happy Canada Day!

Last updated on July 18th, 2021 at 08:46 pm

Canada turned 153 years old this year. Every year on July 1st, just as the summer heats up, Canadians celebrate Canada Day or the country’s independence and unity. From coast to coast, the country’s birthday is marked with colorful parades, elaborate fireworks. And the singing of the national anthem, “O Canada!”. No Canada Day celebration is complete without the Canadian flag, be it hung from a window, draped from the shoulders, or painted on the face!

This year, Canada Day will be different. 

This year, in light of the COVID pandemic and the recent discoveries at former residential schools in Canada, this nationwide event has taken on new significance. Some of us will acknowledge this moment of mourning, and empathy. Some of us will take this time to appreciate, reflect, understand living in Canada and celebrate the nation’s pride. And the important thing is to learn from each other with open hearts and minds.

While we won’t be celebrating how we usually would this year, we can still celebrate Canada Day by creating memorable moments at home. No matter what activities your family chooses, you’re guaranteed to have a great time — because as long as you’re having fun with your loved ones, it will be a Canada Day well spent.

It’s no secret that we are very creative and always have something fun up our sleeves. In fact, with plenty of fun family activities, virtual events, and festive at-home ideas, you can still make this year’s Canada Day the best yet. We’re talking backyard barbecues, fun foods, and kids’ crafts. Want to getaway? Try camping, and make some gooey s’mores over a campfire!

Here are some active ways you can celebrate the beauty of the country that we live in and create some special memories with your family. These activities will keep everyone active, happy, and in good spirits!

Canadian charades: Try a Canadian twist on this classic family game. Get each member of your family to write or draw some iconic Canadian symbols on slips of paper, and everyone can take turns acting them out. Think canoeing, skating, hockey, beavers, or maybe your favorite Canadian landmark.

Paint your kids’ faces: ― the world’s easiest and perhaps most happy-inducing activity! They’re guaranteed to smile every time they look in the mirror.

Visit an Ontario Park: Get out in nature and explore our country’s great parks. 

Potluck dinner party: Invite your friends and family over for a backyard barbeque or host a potluck dinner party with a twist. The menu could consist of a fun combination of stereotypical Canadian foods or dishes that represent the different regions of Canada from coast to coast all the way up to the North Pole.

Make your own Red And White sidewalk chalk: Let you’re kids have their fun way to celebrate Canada Day by making their own red and white sidewalk chalk.

I know our country is far from perfect. But, I also know the good things Canada has done, like taking on Hitler in a war it was not certain we would win. Or like pioneering a medicare system that in many ways remains the envy of the world. When the pluses and minuses are totted up, this country, for all of its faults, is a fine place to be, and by any objective measure, this is still a great country, one that is worthy of celebration amidst controversy.

Enjoy the birthday of our great country!

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