Fun Family Games For Thanksgiving To Play All Day Long

The best part of Thanksgiving, aside from the delicious feast, is spending time with family and friends. Playing games is the best way to bring the family together and strengthen bonds. Whether you’re trying to keep bored kids occupied while the adults prepare meals or you just want a fun way to thank the entire year with your family, these Thanksgiving family games will keep the festivities going all night. Enjoy!

Spin-the-Pie Game

Allow people to spin around to reveal the six aspects of life (Family, Friends, Home, Work, Pets, Travel), each aimed at recalling a memory for which they are grateful. To do this, divide the center of a sheet of paper into six sections and write reminders in each. Make a smaller loop out of colorful craft paper and cut out a “slice” for the catalog window. Using a gold brad, secure the wheel to the disc. Hot glue the jute cord to the rim. Use stencils to add letters.

Thanksgiving “Would you Rather” Questions

This game is one of the simplest Thanksgiving family games. This game asks a series of questions, such as “Would you rather spend Thanksgiving weekend hanging out or staying home to watch football?” and can be played around the dinner table after everything has been cleaned up, or to make time for your annual road trip to Grandma. You will become more acquainted with your family than ever before.

Shake Your Tail Feathers

To prepare, expand the tissue boxes and replace the paper tissues with handmade feathers. Glue a pair of tights to each box so that the box is in the center of the pantyhose.

To begin, give each player a box and instruct them to tie their pantyhose around their waist so that the tissue box is on their back. Players must move around and shake their tissue box until all of the feathers fall out.

Thanksgiving Dice Game

Instead of simply walking around the table and saying something you’re thankful for, try this Thanksgiving dice game! Ask everyone to form a circle around the dinner table and take turns rolling the dice to determine who or what you should be grateful for this year! Consider this game if you’re looking for Thanksgiving family games!

Turkey Scavenger Hunt

What better game to play after a Turkey Hunt for the kids on Thanksgiving? Create a turkey-themed scavenger hunt for your kids in your garden or backyard using these fun prints. They will win a small prize if they find all 12 turkeys.

Shooting Turkey Game

This game requires only balloons, duct tape, and nerf guns. Simply blow bubbles, string them together, and draw a turkey with points! tethered to a rock (or a weight). Then gather your weapons and begin shooting. Each person is given the same number of bullets; the person with the most points wins! This game is a lot of fun, so add it to your list of Thanksgiving family games.

Turkey Ring Toss

The ring toss game is easy to learn but a lot of fun. This Thanksgiving-themed juggling game will keep your children entertained while you prepare your Thanksgiving meal. This is a great activity to keep the kids entertained on Thanksgiving, and perhaps even adults will want to participate!

Feather Float

Give each player a phony feather. The gameplay is very simple: the player will blow the feather into the air and try to keep it suspended in the air for as long as possible. You will lose if you allow it to fall to the ground.

If you’re playing personal-style games, set a time limit, perhaps a minute. If you’re playing a team game or a head-to-head match, see who can keep it up the longest. This is one of the most amusing family games for Thanksgiving that you should not miss!

Autumn Tic Tac Toe

A simple and enjoyable twist on the classic tic tac toe game. To make this game, all you need is a piece of cardboard, some mini pumpkins, and markers. Enjoy the outdoors if the weather is nice, or stay inside if it’s raining cats and dogs. Looking for some fun Thanksgiving family games? This is a good choice!

Grateful For Speed

To play this game, make a gratitude game box with round holes and tape on the inside. Allow some of them to be filled with Thanksgiving gifts and the rest to be left empty. If a player punches a drum, they must say something for which they are grateful. They get the reward if they punch one with a reward. Let’s see who will be the lucky winner of the most prizes in this game.

Face The Pie

This game needs: Gummy ABC letters, Pie tins, and Spray whipped cream (or real whipped cream works too).

Before the party, pull out gummy letters that spell P-I-E for each letter. Put one letter of each of those words into an empty aluminum pie tin. (This pack of 50 pie tins would be perfect.)
Fill each of those pin tins with spray whipped cream and put them in the refrigerator so they don’t melt while you’re waiting to play.
To play, players must race to eat through their pies to find the letters inside. Once they find the letters inside, they must unscramble them to create the Thanksgiving-themed word you came up with. Make sure to give each player an extra pie tin to toss their found letters into for unscrambling!

Oh, and throughout everything, even unscrambling, they can only use their mouth.

Please Pass The Corn

This game needs: Candy corn, popsicle sticks, and a shallow bowl or pie tin.

This game is played in groups of two. Give each team two popsicle sticks, a bowl of candy corn, and an empty bowl on the opposite side of the table. Both players should shove their popsicle sticks into their mouths.
To begin, the player who is farthest away from the empty bowl picks up a piece of candy corn and places it on the popsicle stick with their hand. They must then transfer the candy corn from their popsicle stick to the popsicle stick of their teammate (no hands – just popsicle sticks held in mouths), and the second teammate must transfer the candy corn to the empty bowl. It doesn’t count if they miss the bowl. The team that gets the most candy corn transferred successfully into their bowl in a minute wins.

Traffic Yam

Raw yams, metal spoons, and painter’s tape (or something else to make a line).

Give each player a raw yam (sweet potato) and instruct them to place it on one side of the room on the ground. Players must race to get their yam from one side of the room to the other side of the room, cross a line (taped down with painter’s tape), and then return to the starting line. The yam can only be moved by pushing it with the spoon.

This one is the most hilarious if you have multiple people play at the same time because the yams tend to go in crazy directions. Players can also push other people’s yams to play defense as well, just whoever gets their yam across the line first.

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