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Forest Hill North Toronto Real Estate is one of the Prestigious neighborhoods in Toronto.


The Forest Hill North Toronto Real Estate is one of Toronto’s most prestigious districts. The mansions in Lower Forest Hill are rivaled only by those found in Rosedale. Forest Hill’s schools are among the best in the country. They include two of Canada’s most revered private schools: Upper Canada College for boys, and Bishop Strachan School for girls. Forest Hill is one of Toronto’s prettier districts. Its topography is very diverse with gently sloping hills, winding roads, and numerous little parkettes all adding charm to the neighborhood.

Forest Hill is a neighborhood of mixed ages and stages. There are lots of couples, both with and without children, as well as retirees whose children have left home. There is a fairly strong Jewish presence in the area. This is also an affluent area, with 42% of residents taking home an income of over $80,000 after tax.


Forest Hill was incorporated as a village in 1923. It was named after the summer residence of John Wickson, built in 1860, at the junction of Eglinton Avenue and Old Forest Hill Road. The hill is still there, but the forest is long since gone, having been replaced by apartment buildings. Prior to its incorporation, Forest Hill had been known as “Spadina Heights”. Spadina is a derivative of the First Nations word “Ishapadenah”, which means a hill or sudden rise inland. The boundaries of the present-day neighborhood are shaped by the old Spadina Heights school district. “Lower Forest Hill”, south of Eglinton, was completely developed by the 1930s. “Upper Forest Hill” was slower to develop due to the fact it had previously been occupied by the old Belt Line railway, and then by industry. In 1967, Forest Hill Village joined Swansea Village as one of the last two independent villages to be annexed by the City of Toronto.Upper Canada College (opened 1891), Lonsdale Rd., n. side, betw. Oriole Parkway & Forest Hill Rd.


View Forest Hill North Toronto Real Estate Home for Sale Here

Prior to its incorporation, Forest Hill had been known as “Spadina Heights”. Spadina is a derivative of the First Nations word “Ishapadenah”, which means a hill or sudden rise inland. The boundaries of the present-day neighborhood are shaped by the old Spadina Heights school district. “Lower Forest Hill”, south of Eglinton, was completely developed by the 1930s. “Upper Forest Hill” was slower to develop due to the fact it had previously been occupied by the old Belt Line railway, and then by industry. In 1967, Forest Hill Village joined Swansea Village as one of the last two independent villages to be annexed by the City of Toronto.


Forest Hill is a quiet residential neighborhood filled mostly with large detached houses. The Forest Hill North Toronto Real Estate offers most of the shopping and other action takes place in Forest Hill Village. Many of the shops in Forest Hill are high-end boutiques that cater to the area’s affluent population. The parks and excellent schools make the area attractive to families.


Forest Hill North Toronto Real Estate is a quiet, kid-friendly, and high-end neighborhood. The schools in the area include some of the most prestigious in the city, and there are some lovely parks as well as access to the Beltline trail and Cedarvale Ravine. The small shopping hub of Forest Hill Village has the atmosphere of a small town rather than a big city.

The Forest Hill Village shopping district is centered around the intersection of Spadina Road and Lonsdale Road. The ambiance of this private enclave of stores is that of a small town rather than a big city. The Village’s boutiques and shops cater to the specific needs of Forest Hill’s affluent residents. The Eglinton West Village shopping district has a large variety of stores to suit every taste and budget. This street also contains many fine restaurants and food stores.


Forest Hill is a safe and quiet neighborhood with some great, kid-friendly parks. The houses are beautiful and it’s a wonderful area to go for a stroll. It’s also a very expensive area, and although there’s some great shopping in Forest Hill Village and along Eglinton, there’s not a huge variety of stores.

The Belt Line fitness and nature trail follows the route of the former Belt Line railway, which was Toronto’s first commuter train. This fourteen and one-half kilometer track passes through Forest Hill on its way down to Rosedale. The Belt Line Path is enjoyed by both nature and fitness enthusiasts.


Forest Hill is a family-friendly area, and it contains several schools including the prestigious Bishop Straughn School for girls and Upper Canada College for boys. The Beltline trail, a lovely walking and cycling trail, cuts across one corner of the neighborhood, and there are plenty of parks and green spaces. The Temmy Latner Forest Hill Jewish Centre is in Forest Hill Village.


Forest Hill is conveniently located within walking distance of numerous bus routes that connect passengers to Toronto’s rapid transit subway lines. For motorists commuting in and out of the city, the Allen Expressway is easily accessed from Eglinton Avenue West. Forest Hill’s Public Library has a myriad of programs for adults, children, and preschoolers.


Flemingdon Park has 12 Public schools8 Catholic schools, in this neighborhood, your kids can get a great education.

Public Schools:

ÉS Toronto Ouest

Source: ÉS Toronto Ouest

Address: 330 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3Y1, Canada | Telephone: 416 532-6592

L’école secondaire Toronto Ouest continue de bâtir un milieu d’apprentissage franchement exemplaire. Ce milieu diversifié, inclusif et sécuritaire offre à ses élèves des programmes d’excellence en sciences, mathématiques, langues, études sociales et arts. De nombreux clubs et activités socioculturelles et sportives viennent agrémenter le quotidien de nos élèves, leur permettant de joindre l’utile à l’agréable. Fondés sur des valeurs d’excellence, d’engagement et de dépassement de soi, l’enseignement et l’encadrement offerts à nos élèves leur permettent « de voir un avenir à la hauteur de leur vision où les choix de carrières sont guidés par leurs passions et qui offre la possibilité et les ressources nécessaires à leur réalisation.As originally published by ÉS Toronto Ouest

West Preparatory Junior Public School

Source: West Preparatory Junior Public School

Address: 70 Ridge Hill Dr, Toronto, ON M6C 2J6, Canada | Telephone: (416) 393-1633 | Fax: (416) 393-1631 | Email:

The original school, located in the Forest Hill community, was built in 1941. Over the years there have been many changes, additions, and renovations to keep this school current. The school presents a welcoming environment and works hard at positive partnerships to enhance student learning. West Preparatory has more than 540 students, one-third of whom have been in Canada for less than seven years. The students represent 45 different countries of origin and 25 different linguistic groups.” As originally published by West Preparatory Junior Public School

É Élém Mathieu-da-Costa

Source: É Élém Mathieu-da-Costa

Address: 300 Banbury Rd, North York, ON M2L 2W2, Canada | Telephone: 416 397-2085

Ayant été la première école francophone du Grand Toronto, l’École secondaire Étienne-Brûlé occupe un lieu privilégié d’éducation de langue française au sein de la population de Toronto et des environs. Nous sommes le reflet de la communauté francophone torontoise actuelle. Notre école est enrichie par la présence d’élèves et de membres du personnel qui nous arrivent des quatre coins du monde et qui travaillent dans une atmosphère de respect et de collaboration.” As originally published by ÉS Étienne-Brûlé

Allenby Junior Public School

Source: Allenby Junior Public School

Address: 391 St Clements Ave, Toronto, ON M5N 1M2, Canada | Telephone: (416) 393-9115 | Fax: (416) 393-9605 | Email:

Allenby is situated in the Lawrence Park community. Its documented history dates back to the 1400s when a tribe of Huron Iroquois erected a longhouse village on the site. Modern-day development in the area led to the Toronto Board of Education decided in 1926 to build a school. The school was named for Lord Edmund Allenby, one of Britain’s foremost soldiers. Opened in 1931, Allenby was renovated and enlarged in 1972 and again in 1994.” As originally published by Allenby Junior Public School

Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School

Source: Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School

Address: 78 Dunloe Rd, Toronto, ON M5P 2T6, Canada | Telephone: (416) 393-9335 | Fax: (416) 393-9339 | Email:

Forest Hill Jr. & Sr. Public School (JK-8) is a community school located in the Forest Hill neighborhood which, prior to 1967, was part of the old Forest Hill Village. The school consists of two separate buildings, one of which was built in 1923, the other in 1938. Forest Hill has the unique features of period architecture, a 470-seat auditorium with a proper stage, and spacious grounds. The grounds include two separate baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and a full running track.” As originally published by Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School

Forest Hill Collegiate Institute

Source: Forest Hill Collegiate Institute

Address: 730 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N 1E9, Canada | Telephone: (416) 393-1860 | Fax: (416) 393-8197 | Email:

Forest Hill C.I. is very much a ‘first choice school.’ Our students choose Forest Hill for its strong academic reputation. We are a small school with a family atmosphere, offering outstanding facilities and supportive programs. Our teachers partner with you to ensure you achieve your potential. Our motto is ‘Not for Ourselves Alone.’ Our students are involved in fundraising activities throughout the year and have received many citations for their efforts. Our system provides opportunities for broader leadership skills development. We offer an extensive co-curricular program in theatre and music productions, athletics, and a variety of clubs for personal and academic growth.As originally published by Forest Hill Collegiate Institute

Glenview Senior Public School

Source: Glenview Senior Public School

Address: 401 Rosewell Ave, Toronto, ON M4R 2B5, Canada | Telephone: (416) 393-9390 | Fax: (416) 393-9386 | Email:

“Glenview Senior Public School opened its doors in 1966 and is located at Avenue Road and Lawrence Ave. It is a triple-track school (English, French Immersion, Extended French) with approximately 745 grade 7 & 8 students. Technology is an integral part of learning and allows our students to acquire the necessary skills to become 21st-century learners. Glenview offers Special Education programs that include Resource Support and Home School Program. Students are engaged in a variety of general arts and technology programs (Band, Strings, General Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Family Studies, Design & Technology). We also excel in providing an exceptional physical education program that includes Aquatics and many sports teams.” As originally published by Glenview Senior Public School

North Preparatory Junior Public School

Source: North Preparatory Junior Public School

Address: 1100 Spadina Rd, Toronto, ON M5N 2M6, Canada | Telephone: (416) 393-9230 | Fax: (416) 393-8424 | Email:

North Preparatory Junior P.S. is a vibrant, community school where parents enthusiastically support their children in a school that demands hard work, initiative, and responsibility for self and others. We value risk-taking and a positive attitude in our students. Students are expected to strive to achieve their best. We know that all children have different strengths, abilities, needs, and interests, and our dedicated, highly motivated staff will help the students develop their self-confidence through a variety of curricular and extracurricular activities.” As originally published by North Preparatory Junior Public School

North Toronto Collegiate Institute

Source: North Toronto Collegiate Institute

Address: 17 Broadway Ave, Toronto, ON M4P 1T7, Canada | Telephone: (416) 393-9180 | Fax: (416) 393-9195 | Email:

North Toronto C.I. is located near Yonge and Eglinton where it has proudly served the community since 1912. Our school is held in high regard by its graduates and by the community. An important aspect of the school is North Toronto’s well-established reputation as a very strong academic institution. Over 90% of our graduates gain admission to some of the finest and most competitive university programs in the world. Our graduates continually tell us that the rigor and high expectations expected at North Toronto have prepared them well for the future. The school is small enough so that our staff truly knows our students, yet large enough to offer a wide variety of academic courses designed to prepare students for post-secondary education.As originally published by North Toronto Collegiate Institute

Catholic and Private School

Alive Montessori & Private School

Source: Alive Montessori & Private School

Address: 465 Wilson Avenue, North York, ON M3H | Telephone: (416) 602-1151

Founded in 2001, the aim of Alive Montessori & Private School is to provide an environment where educational results can be achieved by children of all abilities and from all cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Students at Alive School develop high standards of integrity, with confidence in themselves and respect for others. We provide a friendly, caring, and safe environment where students can grow in confidence and become successful. With a wide variety of activities, we help set students on their chosen paths.As originally published by Alive Montessori & Private School

Torah High – Village Shul

Source: Torah High – Village Shul

Address: 1072 Eglinton Avenue West, York, ON M6C | Telephone: 905-761-6279 x 245 | Email:

Torah High offers exceptional Jewish studies courses, for credit, to Jewish public high school teens. Torah High is an Ontario Ministry of Education inspected private school. We are parents, Jewish role models, educators, and community advocates who believe that Jewish learning should always be meaningful, engaging, and experiential. Torah High was built to allow our student to explore their Jewish identity with experiences that begin in the classroom and extend beyond.” As originally published by Torah High – Village Shul

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School

Source: St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School

Address: 636 Glenholme Ave, York, ON M6E 3G9, Canada | Telephone: 416-393-5236 | Fax: 416-397-6096

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School began as a two-room annex to St. Clare School in 1921. It grew to eight classrooms and 400 pupils in the present building in 1945, with leadership provided by the Loretto Sisters. Immigration in the 1950s and 60s caused unprecedented growth which brought the school population to 1880 students in 1964. Additions were made to the school in 1954 and 1960, culminating in the present school of 27 classrooms. Our school is named after St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the greatest teachers of the Catholic church. St. Thomas Aquinas School tries to honor this great saint in its Catholic teaching and in all school activities.” As originally published by St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School

Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School

Source: Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School

Address: 125 Glenmount Ave, North York, ON M6B 3C2, Canada | Telephone: 416-393-5265 | Fax: 416-393-5754 

“Our Lady of The Assumption School fosters students’ excellence in academics, facilitates students’ faith development, and makes every effort to provide a safe learning environment for all of its members. With a steadily growing number of students who have been enrolled, Our Lady of The Assumption School is a welcoming place that reflects our values and beliefs. We strive to provide our students with many extracurricular opportunities and exciting educational opportunities. Moreover, we are a school focused on improving student learning and achievement.” As originally published by Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School

Sts. Cosmas and Damian Catholic School

Source: Sts. Cosmas and Damian Catholic School

Address: 111 Danesbury Ave, Toronto, ON M6B 3L3, Canada | Telephone: 416-393-5398 | Fax: 416-393-5190

As a publicly funded Catholic school, we are fortunate to be a faith filled community that partners with the parents, the home and our parish. Working together, we provide your children with a safe, engaging, learning environment. We are very fortunate at Sts. Cosmas and Damian to be active members of a Catholic, faith filled community, where we celebrate through prayer, and by nurturing the faith development of the children entrusted to us. This is a warm, nurturing school that meets the spiritual, academic and social/ emotional needs of our students. Our many specialized programs meet the individual needs of all of our students. We are especially proud of our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program, the only such program in the Toronto Catholic District School Board.” As originally published by Sts. Cosmas and Damian Catholic School

ÉÉC Saint-Noël-Chabanel-Toronto

Source: ÉÉC Saint-Noël-Chabanel-Toronto

Address: 30 Thistle Down Boulevard, Toronto, ON M9V 1H8

En 1964, une entité francophone prenait forme dans une école anglaise pour les secteurs Étobicoke de North York. Il faudra attendre jusqu’en 1976 avant que tous les intervenants scolaires ne réalisent leur grand rêve: la construction de la première école française catholique desservant la clientèle de l’ouest de la ville de Toronto. Depuis, des milliers d’élèves ont fréquenté notre école, répondant ainsi aux besoins des parents qui sont venus chercher chez nous une éducation reposant sur les caractéristiques essentielles telles la foi chrétienne et la fierté de la langue française.” As originally published by ÉÉC Saint-Noël-Chabanel-Toronto

ÉSC Monseigneur-de-Charbonnel

Source: ÉSC Monseigneur-de-Charbonnel

Address: 110 Drewry Ave, North York, ON M2M 1C8, Canada 

À l’Ésc Monseigneur-de-Charbonnel, vous découvrirez un esprit de famille et de fraternité ainsi qu’un sens de l’accueil qui reflète nos valeurs chrétiennes. Fiers de leur identité francophone et de l’effort de leur famille et du personnel pour maintenir cet héritage, les élèves de l’école ont de multiples occasions de perfectionner cette langue et lui donner toute la place qu’elle mérite à travers de multiples activités scolaires et parascolaires, pastorales et culturelles.” As originally published by ÉSC Monseigneur-de-Charbonnel

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