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Dubbed “The Village in the City”, the quaint town of Streetsville Mississauga is located in the center north. Home to the largest number of historic buildings in the city, Streetsville blends old-world charm with its 300+ unique and inviting restaurants, cafes, pubs, shops, and more. With events going on year-round, there’s always something to do in the village!

Geographically, Streetsville is located in north-central Mississauga east of Meadowvale, west of East Credit, south of Meadowvale Village (separated by the 401) and north of Central Erin Mills.

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Streetsville Mississauga Homes

Real Estate in Streetsville

For a long time, Streetsville had that historic charm to it. Being one of the original settlements it contains lots of charming homes and buildings. Homes come in a variety of styles from back splits to bungalows to 2-story homes as well as semis, and townhouses.

Turnover in the area was fairly low, making it a highly desirable and somewhat elder area. Over the last 20 years or so developments built a few communities and the outer rims of Streetsville were populated by newer modern homes and youthful families. That gives Streetsville that older charm with a few pockets of modern homes.

The price to get into the neighbourhood is slightly above the Mississauga average.  Due to the abundance of land, large lots had seen a fair share of demolition and conversion to custom homes.  People do not want to leave and sometimes oblige to build their dream home after picking up a larger lot.  

Streetsville Go station is right in the heart of “The village” that runs on the Milton line along with other Mississauga neighbourhoods like Lisgar and Meadowvale. For downtown commuters, this will have you downtown in about 45-50 minutes. Major highways such as 401 and 403 are about 5 minutes away by car.  Buses go right through Queen Street and will get you anywhere you want to go in a jiffy!

History of Streetsville Mississauga

According to Heritage, the first settlement began in 1819 in Streetsville, originally part of the Toronto Township. The first survey was conducted by Richard Bristol and financed by Timothy Street, after whom Streetsville was named.

Due to access to the credit river, mills popped up and populated the area. By 1835 Streetsville had attracted many merchants and was becoming the political and economic centre of the surrounding township with grist mills, sawmills, a tannery, and several inns.  It was a booming place.

The village was also home to an agricultural fair and fairgrounds. 1851 saw the opening of the Grammar School, Toronto Township’s first high school. Although Streetsville’s prosperity peaked before 1867, the village continued to thrive after the arrival of the Credit Valley Railway in 1879. Streetsville was incorporated as a village in 1850 and became a town in 1962.

In 1974 the Town of Streetsville amalgamated with the towns of Mississauga and Port Credit to form the City of Mississauga. Since 1973 Streetsville has been home to the Streetsville Founders Bread and Honey Festival, going strong after 46 years!

Every year in June 1st!  Streetsville Bread and Honey festival

Queen Street, Streetsville

Dandie Store, Streetsville early 1900s

Schools in Streetsville

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