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Mississauga is one of the biggest cities in all of Canada. Being right next to Toronto, it has grown to be the home for over 700,000 Ontarians. Mississauga is considered to be part of Ontario’s Peel Region, sitting just north of Lake Ontario, with Toronto to the East. Because of its size, Mississauga has many smaller cities and communities located inside its borders.

On this page, you will learn about Mississauga’s real estate, and prominent amenities, and will act as a portal for you to explore communities within Mississauga and what each of them has to offer.

Mississauga Real Estate

Depending on which neighbourhood you plan to live in, you’ll find that Mississauga’s real estate has something for everybody. Because it is such a large area, you can find detached homes, semi-detached homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments. It is a thriving, growing city, so you can also find pre-construction homes for sale. Mississauga has a lot of amenities to offer, including a robust public transit system and access to all major highways.

In terms of neighbourhoods to choose from, you’re looking at a total of 24 areas to consider. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of each area. Click on any of the links below to learn more about a particular Mississauga neighbourhood and its current real estate situation. If at any time you would like to learn more, give us a call and we will help you get started with finding or selling your home in Mississauga.


Located east of Hurontario and just minutes away from Sherway Gardens, people will often try finding homes for sale in Applewood, Mississauga. It is considering to be very central and contains a good mix of houses and apartment buildings.

Central Erin Mills

Erin Mills is a larger neighbourhood of Mississauga. It technically has it's own "downtown", Central Erin Mills. It has mostly townhouses and condo buildings. There are plenty of retail stores in its several shopping centres.

Churchill Meadows

Originally a part of Milton, it contains a healthy mix of residential and commercial properties. It is home to some industrial services such as the stormwater treatment plant. It has lots of parks and schools, making it a great play to find homes for sale in Churchill Meadows, Mississauga.


The communities in Clarkson consist of middle and upper-class homes with some industrial sites that help to service all of Mississauga such as a radio transmitter and, cement plant, and oil refinery. It is located on the southernmost side of Mississauga and borders Oakville. People wanting to find homes for sale in Clarkson, Mississauga are hoping to be near the water.


Located along Hurontario St just north of the QEW. Cooksville is home to many apartment buildings and retail locations. Just off the main road you'll find gorgeous neighbourhoods filled with single story detached homes, making it a prime location to find homes for sale in Cooksville, Mississauga.


Creditview is technically a part of East Credit. It lies between East Credit and Streetsville. Most homes you'll find in Creditview are detached or townhome. 

East Credit

Bordered by Mavis Rd, the 401, and the 403, East Credit hosts a mix of detached, semi-detached, townhomes, and apartment buildings. In the very middle is a golf course and has a large town centre with big name retail locations. Talk to us about finding homes for sale in East Credit, Mississauga.

Erin Mills

Located directly north of Oakville, Erin Mills is split by the 403 and it's west border is Ninth Line and 427. It has a large inventory of detached homes, semi-detached, and townhouses. There is also a demand for building condos, making it a good time to look for homes for sale in Erin Mills, Mississauga.


Home of University of Toronto Mississauga, Erindale has large homes and properties surrounded by parks and a golf course. It's a competitive neighbourhood to get into. If you're looking to buy, we'll help you find homes for sale in Erindale, Mississauga.


Just minutes from Mississauga's Celebration Square. Fairview is located along Hurontario St on the west side. Most properties available in Fairview are either detached homes or condos.


Mississauga's longest road, Hurontario St reaches from Mineola (by the lake) and goes all the up to Brampton. Hurontario encompasses many other Mississauga neighbourhoods. Along the main road, you will find retail shops and condos. Just off the main road you will find parks, schools, and various property types (detached, semi-detached, and townhouses).


Between Toronto Golf Club and Lakefront Promenade, a majority of properties are detached homes or townhouses. Shopping and highway access is just minutes away. We can help you find homes for sale in Lakeview, Mississauga today.


Lisgar is one of Mississauga's westernmost neighbourhoods. It is located west of Streetsville and just south of the 401. It has it's own GO Station and is just minutes away from several golf courses. It is fairly close to Milton and Georgetown.

Lorne Park

Located south of the QEW and north of Lake Ontario. Lorne Park is full of greenery and is mostly detatched homes. Many homes in Lorne Park have swimming pools. It is considered to be a upper class neighbourhood, and we are ready to help you find homes for sale in Lorne Park, Mississauga.


Malton is located just north of Pearson International Airport. It sits right along the 427 and is very close to Brampton. It's real estate is mostly comprised of detached houses with a smaller mix of semi-detached and townhouses. It is one of the more affordable neighbourhoods, so finding homes for sale in Malton, Mississuaga is great for new families.


In central Mississauga, Meadowvale is just north of the 401 and a bit west of Pearson Airport. It is sandwiched between the 401, 427, and 410. It is one of the most connected neighbourhoods in Mississauga. Most homes for sale in Meadowvale, Mississauga are detached homes with a few townhomes sprinkled throughout.

Meadowvale Village

A smaller community within Meadowvale. Meadowvale Village is considered the very center of the area. It has a few suburban communities with schools and parks. Most properties are detached homes.


One of Mississauga's close-to-the-lake neighbourhoods. It sits between Lakeview and Lorne Park. Most of the properties here are upper class detached homes. It is know for its lush greenery and for being well connected. It has the QEW to the north and has Clarkson GO station.

Mississauga Valleys

In Mississauga Valleys, you can expect to see many townhomes and condo buildings. It also has several suburban neighbourhoods featuring detached, semi-detached, and townhouses. It is just east of Hurontario St and minutes away from Square One.

Port Credit

Located between Lorne Park and Lakeview, Port Credit is another one of Mississauga's lakefront neighbourhoods. One end is mostly made up of apartments and condos and the other is suburbs with detached homes for sale in Port Credit, Mississauga.


Located just off the 403 and found along Burnamthorpe and Tomken. Rathwood is a suburb full of detached homes surrounding Rathwood Park. Finding homes for sale in Rathwood, Mississauga is as easy as getting in touch with us.

Rockwood Village

Located directly south of Pearson Airport, Rockwood Village can sometimes be considered to be in Etobicoke. It is surrounded by Burnamthorpe Rd E, Eglinton Ave E, Dixie Rd, and Etobicoke Creed. It is mostly detached homes.


Sheridan is located so close to Oakville, most of it can actually be considered as Oakville property. It is located right along the 403 and QEW and is just minutes away from the Lake Ontario.


A small but highly sought community in Mississauga. Streetsville is right off the 401 and just north of the 403. It's a fairly even split between residential and commercial properties. Most homes for sale in Streetsville, Mississauga are detached or townhouse.


Mississauga has a long list of public services, such as having a vast network of libraries that can transfer and hold books, movies, and even video games. Residents who own a Mississauga library card are happy to enjoy this well-managed service. The newly renovated Celebration Square hosts performances and events such as Ribfest, Canada Day, New Year's Eve, and many more that are known to bring the communities together.

Enjoy shopping at one of the many shopping centres that host a combined total of 1,000+ retail stores. Be sure to check out the Flea Market if you’re looking to get a great deal on name-brand products.

With nearly 500 outdoor parks and 25+ indoor parks, and 100+ km of trails, Mississauga is the home to many recreation sports activities and leagues. If you have a social hobby, you can be assured there are programs to facilitate gatherings for it. 


Mississauga has all kinds of services for getting around. Use the GO train to travel between major cities. Use buses to travel in-between the city with a vast transit system. Get access to Toronto’s subway system. Access the 401, 403, 427, QEW, and the 409 which take you to Pearson Internation Airport. 

With lots of cycling routes already available, many residents in Mississauga love to travel by bike. To add some icing to the cake, the city is planning to add a lot more cycling routes to allow residents to cross the city safely by bike.

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