Lakeview, Mississauga Real Estate Listings

Lakeview is a lovely area in the furthest southeast section of the city bordering Toronto, making it the easiest area for going in and out of the big city. Geographically the border of Lakeview is the Lake on the south to Queensway rd, and Etobicoke Creek on the East to basically Cawthra Rd. on the West end. With Lake Ontario views, and a lot of parks and trails, Lakeview is full of life.

map of lakeview mississauga

Real Estate in Lakeview

As you read about the Lakeview master plan will bring some modern new housing.  The plan will bring many new low-rise condos and a few high-rise condos.  This plan will rejuvenate what has been an older, classic area of Mississauga.

The area is filled with detached 2-story bungalows, often with large rich lots for plenty of family fun.  However, the area is rich in its location and carries a price caveat, constantly being one of the more expensive areas in Mississauga.  If you can get into the area, you will make money just sitting on any property.  It will not be as expensive as Lorne Park but it is close.

The area has plenty of lovely areas to walk around in, and parks such as the Lakefront Promenade area are fantastic. Come and check them out, they are good all year round!

History Of Lakeview, Mississauga

Historically Lakeview was part of the Mississauga purchased in 1806 and officially amalgamated into Mississauga in 1968. It became the first Arial training ground for pilots around the second war highlighted by Long Branch Aerodrome. The training ground was a collaboration with programs around the airport we discussed in Malton, Mississauga. Today big changes are coming to where the Aerodrome is, the city is currently a new plan for that area.

According to the plan, the new neighbourhood will feature housing, a hydro gateway, Ogden Park, an Artscape makerspace/community centre, a school, a waterway common, the Serson Innovation Corridor, the Marina District, Lakeview Square, Lakefront Park, a cultural institution, an outdoor event/performance space and a pier. 


Lakefront Promenade 

The Promenade is a sight to see, even if you don’t live in the Lakeview area. A wonderfully kept piece of nature that anyone is welcome to visit, people from all over the Greater Toronto Area come to visit the view of Lake Ontario and enjoy a walk on paved paths.

lakefront promenade mississauga

Lakefront Promenade also has facilities that allow for volleyball, paddleboarding, washrooms, and more. The only thing you need to worry about is driving up and getting a parking spot.

Schools in Lakeview

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