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The Humber Summit area in Toronto reaches the northernmost parts of what you would still call Toronto. It's border is comprised of Steeles Ave, the 400, Finch Ave, and Islington Ave. The west side of Humber Summit is made of the Humber River. It's just minutes away from York University and is surrounded by plenty of parks and shops.

Humber Summit is a small, middle class community located in the north-west pocket of North York. This neighbourhood is bordered to the west by the Humber River and to the east by industry. Humber Summit’s northern boundary is Steeles Avenue which also serves as the border between the City of Toronto and the City of Vaughan.

Humber Summit is a close-knit neighborhood with an established Italian community. In recent years, Humber Summit has welcomed many new families of East Indian and Asian backgrounds into the neighborhood.

Real Estate In Humber Summit

Humber Summit’s winding roads and rolling hills west of Islington Avenue contain a curious mix of old frame cottages from the 1940s and 1950s together with newer two-story custom-designed homes. Humber Summit Toronto Real Estate Houses on Riverside Drive and Rowntree Mill Road feature beautiful views of the Humber River Valley.

The houses east of Islington Avenue consist of semi-detached back splits with built-in garages and front porches decorated with cast-iron railings. Elaborate front archways also add to the character of these post-war suburban houses which were built largely in the 1960s.

It makes sense that finding the best neighborhood to suit you and your family is one of your top priorities when shopping for a new home. Humber Summit Toronto Real Estate is ideal for all types of households, but families make up the majority. Families with children in the area typically have one child, with a large proportion of young children. The Humber Summit Toronto Real Estate is also popular in its summer resort.

Home ownership in Humber Summit is high, with a split of 71% owners to 29% renters among those living in the area. Activities common to the area include reading, swimming, gardening.


Humber Summit began as a pioneer settlement in the 1840s. This community revolved around the Rowntree grist and sawmills which operated on the banks of the Humber River where Rowntree Mills Park is situated today. Many of Humber Summit’s first settlers are buried in the historic Pine Ridge Methodist Church Cemetery on Islington Avenue.

By the early 1900s, Humber Summit settlers had turned their attention to farming. Then in the 1940s, with the city encroaching at its doorstep, Humber Summit was transformed into a popular summer resort known as Riverbank Park.

Riverbank Park was popular with Toronto residents who built cottages overlooking the Humber River. These cottages had been converted to year-round use by the time Hurricane Hazel struck in 1954. Hurricane Hazel was the worst hurricane in Toronto’s history and its deadly fury wreaked havoc on the Humber Summit community as ten houses were swept away by the raging river.

Hurricane Hazel’s toll on this community would have been much worse if not for the heroic deeds of the Humber Summit Fire Brigade. This volunteer bucket brigade consisting of twelve men worked valiantly in the dark to safely rescue all of Humber Summit’s residents. The Humber Summit Fire Brigade closed down in 1966 however a plaque commemorating their service hangs in the Humber Summit Public Library which is located on the site of the former fire hall.


There is a small pocket of shops and services located on Islington Avenue. This retail district includes Italian bakeries, cafes, pizzerias and food markets. The closest shopping plaza is Finchdale, which has a large discount store, banks, a bakery, a beer store, and an Italian restaurant. There is also a large Italian supermarket brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables.


Rowntree Mill Park accessed off Islington Avenue from Rowntree Mill Road, is part of the North Humber watershed and contains many nice picnic spots set amidst open meadows and woodlands. Hiking and nature walks are popular activities in this park.

To the east of Islington Avenue and south of Finch Avenue are access points to the West Humber Parkland trail. This 5.5 kilometer paved trail follows the Humber Valley to the Humber Arboretum. The Humber Arboretum is operated by the city of Toronto and features a wide variety of plants and wildlife with demonstration gardens, self guided trails and a visitor interpretation center.

Golf enthusiasts are just minutes from the Humber Valley public golf course off Beattie Avenue at Albion Road. This par 70 course challenges golfers with its combination of links and valleyland holes.

Notable Restaurants


Humber Summit is well served by public transit. The Islington Avenue bus connects passengers to the Islington Go Train and Bloor-Danforth subway stations on Bloor Street. The Finch Avenue bus connects to the Finch station on the Yonge-University-Spadina subway line.

Motorists are approximately ten minutes from Highways 400 and 401 which can be accessed off Islington Avenue.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Emery Collegiate Institute

Address: 3395 Weston Rd, North York, ON M9M 2V9, Canada | Telephone: (416) 395-3220 | Fax: (416) 395-4193 | Email:

Emery C.I. is a school that fosters lifelong learning. We strive to provide innovative and relevant programs in a safe and nurturing environment. Staff, students, parents, and community partners play a pivotal role in our common pursuit of excellence. We challenge our students to excel through active participation, incorporating both leadership and scholarship. We also encourage personal growth in our students, assisting them in becoming confident, independent thinkers who are aware of their strengths in a competitive and dynamic society. We are proud of the caring staff at Emery, who enrich the academic curriculum by providing many co-curricular programs for students. In May 2011, Emery celebrated 50 years of Excellence in Education.” As originally published by Emery Collegiate Institute

É Élém Félix-Leclerc

Address: 50 Celestine Dr, Etobicoke, ON M9R 3N3, Canada | Telephone: 416 397-2075

C’est un grand honneur pour le personnel de l’école de recevoir 288 élèves, représentant la diversité francophone. Nous sommes fiers de leur offrir un environnement chaleureux où il fait bon apprendre. Chaque élève avec ses propres besoins et intérêts, trouvera les moyens de toujours apprendre et d’assouvir sa curiosité et son questionnement. La technologie est là pour l’appuyer dans son cheminement. L’amélioration du rendement de l’élève et le maintien de son bien-être sont les axes forts du plan d’amélioration de l’école Félix Leclerc.” As originally published by É Élém Félix-Leclerc

Daystrom Public School

Address: 25 Daystrom Dr, North York, ON M9M 2A8, Canada | Telephone: (416) 395-2280 | Fax: (416) 395-2285 | Email:

Daystrom Public School is located in the Finch Avenue and Weston Road area of Toronto. The school has been serving the Daystrom community since its opening in 1959. The Daystrom Family Resource Centre was added in 1987 and is an integral part of Daystrom P.S. life. Daystrom has approximately 500 students. We are very proud to offer a structured, well-balanced, and inclusive curriculum for students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 5, as well as a special program for students with specific learning needs as well as those with special kindergarten needs.” As originally published by Daystrom Public School

Gracedale Public School

Address: 186 Gracedale Blvd, North York, ON M9L 2C1, Canada | Telephone: (416) 395-2480 | Fax: (416) 395-2484 | Email:

Gracedale Public School is located in a neighborhood that borders on the Humber River as it crosses Islington and Finch Avenues. Opened in 1964, Gracedale P.S. currently serves its local community, as well as the former local school communities of Whitfield P.S. and Bluehaven P.S. There are approximately 700 students from J.K. to Grade 5, representing 42 countries around the world and over 25 languages at our school. About 80% of our children were born in Canada. Gracedale P.S. offers space and resources for both after-school recreation and regular day school programs which reflect community and curriculum needs.” As originally published by Gracedale Public School

Humber Summit Middle School

Address: 60 Pearldale Ave, North York, ON M9L 2H2, Canada | Telephone: (416) 395-2570 | Fax: (416) 395-2573 |

Humber Summit Middle School is located near Finch and Islington. It draws students from a large attendance area, reaching from near Islington and Steeles to Weston and Wilson. The 540 students Humber Summit serves represent diverse cultural, racial, and faith backgrounds. Our vision is based on three priorities: Student Achievement, Parent and Community Engagement and Financial Stability.As originally published by Humber Summit Middle School

ÉS Jeunes sans frontières

Address: 7585 Financial Dr, Brampton, ON L6Y 5P4, Canada | Telephone: 905 450-1106

ÉÉC Saint-Noël-Chabanel-Toronto

Address: 30 Thistle Down Boulevard, Toronto, ON M9V 1H8 

En 1964, une entité francophone prenait forme dans une école anglaise pour les secteurs Étobicoke de North York. Il faudra attendre jusqu’en 1976 avant que tous les intervenants scolaires ne réalisent leur grand rêve: la construction de la première école française catholique desservant la clientèle de l’ouest de la ville de Toronto. Depuis, des milliers d’élèves ont fréquenté notre école, répondant ainsi aux besoins des parents qui sont venus chercher chez nous une éducation reposant sur les caractéristiques essentielles telles la foi chrétienne et la fierté de la langue française.” As originally published by ÉÉC Saint-Noël-Chabanel-Toronto

ÉSC Monseigneur-de-Charbonnel

Address: 110 Drewry Ave, North York, ON M2M 1C8, Canada 

À l’Ésc Monseigneur-de-Charbonnel, vous découvrirez un esprit de famille et de fraternité ainsi qu’un sens de l’accueil qui reflète nos valeurs chrétiennes. Fiers de leur identité francophone et de l’effort de leur famille et du personnel pour maintenir cet héritage, les élèves de l’école ont de multiples occasions de perfectionner cette langue et lui donner toute la place qu’elle mérite à travers de multiples activités scolaires et parascolaires, pastorales et culturelles.” As originally published by ÉSC Monseigneur-de-Charbonnel

St. Roch Catholic School

Address: 991 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 1A3, Canada | Telephone: 416-393-5320 | Fax: 416-393-5151

“In a school community formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions, our mission is to help individual learners to achieve their highest potential in intellectual, emotional, social, moral, cultural, and physical development–all in the context of the faith dimension. To meet the diversified needs, abilities, and interests of our students, a broad spectrum of programs and services is available at St. Roch’s: French immersion classes, Italian language, and cultural program, instrumental music, guidance, English as a second language program, remedial speech, program for learning disabled, multi-handicapped class, language-impaired class, and general special education classes.” As originally published by St. Roch Catholic School

Venerable John Merlini Catholic School

Address: 991 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 1A3, Canada | Telephone: 
416-393-5397 | Fax: 416-393-5947

Our goal in the Venerable John Merlini School community is to educate each student to reach his/her full potential in a dynamic, Christ-centered learning community which accentuates the uniqueness and talents of each of our members. We strive to create a positive, secure, welcoming learning environment where all our members may grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.As originally published by Venerable John Merlini Catholic School

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