Cooksville, Mississauga Real Estate Listings

Cooksville Mississauga is a lovely community in central Mississauga just South of Square One town centre.  It is surrounded by popular areas such as Erindale, Mississauga Valleys, Rathburn and Mineola.  The geographic boundaries are Mavis to Cawthra and the train tracks to the QEW highway.

Cooksville Real Estate

Real estate in Cooksville is a lot like a jambalaya dish, with a little bit of everything in one area. Condos and semis close to Square One, condo and freehold towns to the southwest near Dundas/Mavis and the traditional 2-storey homes south in the Mavis/ Queensway area. The area tends to be a bit dated and that is what walking into some of these homes will be like.

With age came the requirements for renovations and often older homes are converted into modern places to live.  In addition to that, many Semi and townhouse complexes as well as some condo buildings arose over the last 15 years giving some youth to the area.

Real Estate here is affordable, especially considering the prime location sandwiched in the centre of East Central Mississauga. 2 Story homes and back splits can be found here. It is common to find homes with large lots, side entrances for rentable basements and

Cooksville Mississauga Homes has a little bit of everything including a couple of community centres, and areas to assist immigrants as well as ESL and language classes. Trillium Hospital located on the corner of Hurontario and Queensway is a popular hospital in the area. There are a number of industrial areas by Wolfdale rd, many families establish businesses there.

In addition, there are many locations that offer organized sports in the area as well as walking/biking, and hiking trailing around the lovely Credit river. Cooksville is not relatively large but has great amenities, to the point that it has at least 16 active parks! What you will love about Cooksville is the ease of transportation, having the fantastic bus route system, which can take you anywhere including Cooksville GO. Most residents find the area full of life, love and convenience.  


Schools in Cooksville

  • Munden Park Public
  • Clifton Public school
  • Corsair Public
  • Floradale Public
  • Cashmere avenue
  • Camilla Middle School
  • Saint Timothy Elementary
  • Mary Fix Catholic elementary
  • Father Daniel Zanon
  • Saint Catharine of Siena
  • TL Kennedy Secondary

History of Cooksville

Cooksville Mississauga became a hub of commercial activity in the early township, as it was centred on the intersection of two important early roads, Dundas Street and Hurontario Street (locally known as Centre Road). The village of Cooksville was originally known as “Harrisville”, named after its first settler Daniel Harris, who arrived in 1808.

cooksville house
Cooksville House 1900

Jacob Cook arrived in 1819. By 1820 Cook was awarded a contract to carry mail between York and Niagara and was operating a stagecoach service throughout much of Upper Canada. He was awarded a tavern licence in 1829 and promptly built an inn.

revere house
Revere House 1940

The village was renamed “Cooksville” in 1836. Cooksville continued to grow until 1852 when a fire destroyed a large portion of the village. Cooksville Mississauga Homes also became the early administrative centre for the surrounding township, and in 1874 the village became home to the first purpose-built Township Hall, and for many years served as the centre for civic, commercial and educational interests in Toronto Township.

cooksville creek
Cooksville Creek

Cooksville was also home to the Clair House Winery through the Canadian Vinegrowers Association, which was the first commercial winery in Canada, and to the famed Cooksville Brickyard. Historically Cooksville was also home to a well-known agricultural fair. Cooksville joined with other villages of Toronto Township in 1968 to form the Town of Mississauga.

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