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Erindale Mississauga Homes is a lovely area in the western central park of Mississauga just East of the university of Toronto Campus.  This area has a little bit of everything in terms of housing, location, lots of industrial all while not being too expensive in general.  In fact this area has been a great investor location over the years.  Homes tend to be older, built in the mid 1900s and will have good layouts for secondary units such as basement apartments and amble driveway, parking space.

The borders of Erin Mills are UTM (University of Toronto in Mississauga) on the West to Mavis on the east, and Rathburn north to Dundas South. 

Real Estate in Erindale, Mississauga

Going back to what I said up top, Erindale Mississauga Homes has a bit of everything where there are Million dollar amazing homes to small townhouses and semis.  The demographics are mixed in term of nationalities and elders to youthful families.  You will also find lots Bungalows and backsplit types of homes.  However one thing is consistent, if you can afford Erindale Mississauga Homes, it’s a great choice do to its location and relative affordability.  Often you can ever find turn key homes already renovated at a much more reasonable price then other areas.  It would also be worth noting that the residential parts break up and are clogging in with industrial buildings and commercial stores.  What makes Erindale Mississauga Homes interesting, is you could be in a great neighborhood one minute, to a lesser one next and then into a street full of factories.   Benefiting from that are people that work in the area, or are looking for work.  Public transport here is fantastic as well as close proimity to Clarkson, Erindale and Port Credit GO train stations.  

Huron Park Recreation centre is located off Dundas west of Mavis and is a fantastic place to hang out, do activities and go for a walk!  For more information on the main community centre of Erindale follow this link.

Erindale Mississauga Homes For Sale

Canlan sports complex: Right off Wolfdale, an excellent place for indoor sports and activities. 

Schools in Erindale  

Public Schools 

1. Queenston Drive Public

2. Ellengale Public school

3. Springfield public

4. Hawthorn Public

 Catholic Schools

1. St. Gerard Elementary 

2. St John XX[[[ Elementary 

3. St Jerome Seperate School

The Woodlands Secondary (8.4)                                      St Martin Secondary School (6.2)

Top Reasons to live in Erindale

Top 3 Reasons to choose Erindale

1.  It is affordable.  It is a good price for location just west of Square one.

2.  Easy to get around, centrally located.  Great transit, highway access, go trains and schools.  There are great biking, fishing and hiking trails.

3.  A Great place to invest or to find a home with a rentable second unit

Top 3 Reasons to live somewhere else

1.  The community tends to be a little older.

2.  There are not a lot of standard modern homes in Erindale.  2 story homes are more unique.  You are more likely to find Bungalows and backsplits.

3.  There are lots of train tracks and industrial buildings.  Its possible the most affordable homes here are surrounded by them.

University of Toronto Mississauga Campus

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