Last-minute 22 Pun Halloween Costumes That Are Too Good Not to Wear

Celebrating Halloween with a punny costume is a must for the spooky season! Whether you’re showing off your festive side with a Halloween costume for couples or testing out one of our family Halloween costume ideas, you’ll surely find an outfit or theme that’ll have you howling like a banshee the entire holiday!

Whether you’re flying solo, dressing as part of a couple, or trying a group Halloween costume, you’ll be sure to turn heads this year. A punny Halloween costume transforms you into the life of the party! Your whole family will be in awe and your friends green with envy — these outfits are easy to DIY, budget-friendly, and scream originality. If you’re in need of a quick costume that you can make yourself and won’t cost you much money, find inspiration on our list!

Dr. Pepper Halloween Costume

Now that you have a mini-me, you have even more reasons to play dress-up on Halloween. Throw on a doctor’s costume and dress your baby as a pepper … get it?

Ice, Ice Baby

Next year your little one will be too old to pull off this hilarious Vanilla Ice-pun, enjoy it while you can.

Baby Shark Trio Costume

Go trick-or-treating as the musical children’s hit, “Baby Shark.” You can dress up as Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, and Baby Shark!

Holy Guacamole

This heavenly combination of angel and avocado makes a beloved (not to mention, punny) phrase come to life.

Grateful Dead

For those who love puns, zombies, and jam bands, this costume can’t be topped. Simply write or iron the word “thanks” on a solid T-shirt and pair it with some undead makeup.

Money Heist Costume

Dress up as Tokyo, Helsinki, Denver, or whatever your favorite Money Heist character is (they all wear the same red jumpsuit) in this crime TV series.

American Gothic Halloween Costume

Become an instant classic by sticking your face in a framed print of Grant Wood’s iconic painting. The best part? You can wear whatever clothes you want — jeans, sweats, you name it.

French Kiss

The unofficial French uniform (striped shirt and beret, of course!) paired with Gene Simmons’ and Paul Stanley’s iconic makeup created an oddball match made in heaven. If you’re not sure the joke will be obvious enough, add a flag and baguette for an extra hint.

Hawaiian Punch Halloween Costume

Take inspiration from your favorite childhood juice with this pun-worthy costume, complete with a Hawaiian shirt and boxing gloves

‘Men in Black’ Halloween Costume

Here come the Men in Black! Pair your finest black suit with some slick shades to show everyone that you’re on a mission — a mission to make sure the aliens at the party stay under control.

Error 404 Halloween Costume

Throw together this costume seconds before you head out the door by adding iron-on letters or black stickers to a white t-shirt.

Three Little Pigs

OK, so they’re not so little. These blow-up pig costumes will work for all three of you, and you’re bound to get a positive reaction. 

Formal Apology

If you have a dressy outfit and a name tag, you can put together this last-minute “formal apology” costume in a matter of minutes.

’50 Shades of Grey’ Halloween Costume

Nine years after its initial release, people are still talking about Fifty Shades of Grey — and rightly so. For a punny take on this steamy read, tape grey paint swatches — say, 50? — to a plain t-shirt.

Party Animals

This is probably the easiest last-minute Halloween costume ever. All you have to do is pick up a pair of animal masks and put on your best duds.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Make lemonade! All you need is a yellow top or dress, a name tag with the word “Life,” and a basket of lemons to recreate Club Crafted‘s brilliant Halloween costume.

Blessing in Disguise Halloween Costume

If you don’t have a blessing shirt, you can just wear the disguise part of the costume and greet your friends with a “bless you.”

Blessing in Disguise Halloween Costume

Everyone at the Halloween party will be #blessed when you grace them with your punny presence. Spell out “blessing” with iron-on letters and then craft a clever disguise with a fake mustache, glasses, and cape.

Bread Winner

People won’t believe how much dough you’re bringing to the party this year

Farmer Halloween Costume

Bust out your favorite flannel and pair of overalls to make this last-minute costume come to life. While you could leave it as-is, craft a “USDA Organic” pin to really seal the deal.

Star Trek Costume

Live long and prosper in this Star Trek costume!

Green With Envy

When it comes to simplicity, this pun costume for couples takes the cake. One of you wears all green, while the other wears a sign that says “ENVY.” What could be easier?

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