Milton Heights, Milton

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Trafalgar, Milton

Homes for sale in Trafalgar, Milton History: Trafalgar Township is a former township in Halton County in Ontario, Canada. The … Read more

Willmont, Milton

Homes for sale in Willmont, Milton History: Willmont, also known as Wilmot or Willmott. The Wilmot neighborhood is named after … Read more

Esquesing, Milton

Homes for sale in Esquesing, Milton History: Esquesing Township (area 66,700 acres (104 sq mi; 270 km2)). Opened in 1819, … Read more

Nelson, Milton

Homes for sale in Nelson, Milton History: Nelson Township (area 46,236 acres (72 sq mi; 187 km2)) Opened in 1806 … Read more

Nassagaweya, Milton

Homes for sale in Nassagaweya, Milton History: Nassagaweya is a rural community in north-west Milton, named for a former township. … Read more

Mountain View, Milton

Homes for sale in Mountain view, Milton History: Mountainview was named for the extensive views of the Niagara Escarpment from … Read more

Campbellville, Milton

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