Best way to advertise a home during COVID19- 3D tours!

Brokerbay is a leading real estate appointment booking system that is used by many brokerages in the Greator Toronto Area, including our very own state of the art brokerage, Cloud Realty!  They are teaming up with Matterport 3D tours to allow our agents, like myself to showcase your home in the best way possible during the COVID19 era, with a 3D tour!  This will be available as early as next week.  This tour will allow potential buyers to view the home at their comfort of their own space, from anywhere at any time. You can even book an appointment for a home through brokerbay to view the home with your agent.  You can even book a few different home tours in a row, with your agent!

This 3D Tours is Game changing for sellers and buyers.  If you are a seller who wants to sell for as much money as possible during these times, you need to hire an agent who has this capabilities and get as many buyers to view your home virtually as possible.  Homes are still selling!

Statistics for Sellers: Why using 3D tours are great

Here is a Video of what Matterport 3D tours look like!

If you want to try it out for yourself, here is a link to a home tour on the matterport website!

For more information on this service, Matterport, or how to use it for you home, contact us!

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