Are you brave enough to visit these *REAL* haunted houses around Canada?

Did you know that Canada has some of the MOST haunted homes in the WORLD? And many of them are open to the public! Here are the stories of the people who formerly lived in these houses but never left! Did you hear that? I believe they are inviting us to knock on their doors…

Do we dare to go in? You do so entirely at your own peril!

The Keg Mansion — Toronto, Ontario

In this haunted mansion, people have both seen and felt ghostly presences!

One of the most well-known ghosts is a tiny child who enjoys running up and down the main stairway. People have claimed to have heard him sprinting!

This mansion is now a popular restaurant in downtown Toronto named The Keg Mansion (maybe your parents have brought you there?), but it was formerly one of the city’s most opulent residences. It was formerly known as the A. McMaster House and was constructed in 1868.

Would you go into this restaurant? What if the bread basket is also haunted? Some claim to have seen the small ghost kid peeking out at them while they eat!

The Marr Residence — Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

One of the spirits in this haunted house is reported to be an aggressive guy who enjoys torturing any female visitors!

Nobody knows if this enraged ghost used to reside in the home (but never truly left!), or if he was a patient when it was a field hospital in 1885.

This is the oldest structure in Saskatoon that is still in the same place. It is known as The Marr Residence. It was there even before the city was created!

With a house so ancient, it’s no wonder that individuals claim to have seen ghosts! Be cautious if you get too close to this one. Do you think you’d make it all the way to the second floor?

Craigdarroch Castle — Victoria, B. C.

This haunted mansion is reported to be haunted by several ghosts. There’s even a piano that starts playing even when no one is sitting at the keys!

The castle’s origins were no less eerie. It was erected by Robert Dunsmuir, a wealthy coal baron, but he died a year before it was finished!

It was a residence, a military hospital, and a college before becoming a museum in 1979, and it is still open today.

Would you go on a school field trip to this haunted museum? And if you did, how fast would you flee if you heard the piano playing by itself?

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald — Edmonton, Alberta

Have you ever heard of the term “ghost horse”? The grounds aren’t merely haunted by individuals!

When the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway erected the hotel in 1915 (actually, building began in 1911), one of the work horses died just as the foundation was being laid, according to legend.

That horse still haunts the motel!

Many visitors who stay on the eighth-floor claim to hear a ghost horse racing through the corridors. It can occasionally be heard in the basement. However, no one has ever seen the phantom horse.

What would you do if you were in the middle of a dark cellar and heard a phantom “neigh”? Do you believe a ghost horse is scarier than an ordinary ghost?

Hatley Castle — Victoria, B.C.

Consider being in an empty study and suddenly hearing a record play. That’s what folks claim occurs when they visit this haunted mansion!

Doors and windows have also been reported to open and close on their own!

Hatley Castle was the home of British Columbia’s lieutenant-governor James Dunsmuir and his family in 1910. However, the Dunsmuir’s son, who had joined the war, perished in the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915.

His parents were never able to heal from his death.

The Dunsmuir family is claimed to be present at Hatley Castle today as ghosts! In the study, the Dunsmuir’s kid is listening to his favorite album. When the castle was utilized as a military college’s dormitory, cadets used to see Laura, the mother, in their chambers at night!

Although these haunted houses are available to the public (albeit the Marr Residence requires an appointment), they may be closed or limit guests during Covid. Make sure to double-check before you go.

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