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Homes for Sale in 401 Business Park, Milton

Last updated on July 18th, 2021 at 08:46 pm


The 401 Industrial and Business Park is a 944-hectare employment area linked by Milton’s open space system and with views to the Niagara Escarpment. The industrial park, with Highway 401 passing through it, provides easy access to the Toronto market. It is also enhanced by the presence of the Canadian National Railway, which runs north-south. The railway allows for direct freight spurs on select land parcels.


It is a large area on the northwest edge of Milton’s industrial/commercial. Proposed infrastructure investment in the northern section of the park will open up new industrial development opportunities, as prime development land becomes available through the expansion of the James Snow Parkway. The Escarpment Business Community will also benefit from the future interchange at Tremaine Road and Highway 401.


401 Business Park, has 10 Public schools, and 6 Catholic schools, in this neighborhood, your kids can get a great education.


Pineview PS

Address: 5 Hillside Dr, Georgetown, ON L7G 4W2, Canada | Telephone: 905-877-4363 | Fax: 905-873-8995

Georgetown DHS

Address: 70 Guelph St, Georgetown, ON L7G 3Z7, Canada

We value an educational environment where students can learn and achieve both academic and co-curricular excellence. GDHS has a wide variety of programs and courses available to its students. These programs prepare students for university, colleges, apprenticeships, and school-to-work transition programs. GDHS is an International Baccalaureate World School. It is also home to the Ontario Youth Apprentice Program for the following: Hairstyling and Esthetics; and Transportation. GDHS also has the following High Skills Major Programs: Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism; The Environment (EARTH); Transportation; and Justice, Community Safety, and Emergency Services (HELP). GDHS has an excellent Employability Skills Certificate Program / Community Certificate Program. And finally, GDHS has a French Immersion Program, a Program for the Gifted, a Business Certificate, and a transition program for grade 8 students called LEAP. As originally published by Georgetown DHS

Stewarttown MS

Address: 15 Side Rd, Halton Hills, ON L7G, Canada | Telephone: 905-873-1637 | Fax: 905-873-0999

The school is divided into three grades (6-8).  We also have a regional learning disability self-contained class.  For information: Contact the Stewarttown Middle School at 905-873-1637 or stems@hdsb.ca.

Stewarttown Middle School boasts a rich and diverse history spanning over 100 years. From a one-room schoolhouse in the country to our current facility, Stewarttown has continually evolved to meet the needs of both our students and our community. As originally published by Stewarttown MS

Martin Street PS

Address: 184 Martin St, Milton, ON L9T 2R4, Canada | Telephone:  905-878-8191

One might think that Martin Street Public School (Milton’s first school built in 1920), formerly Martin Street Middle School, formerly Milton High School, was so named because it was located on Martin Street.  This was not entirely so, as you will see below.  Martin Street Public School is named after an early settler to the region, Mr. Jasper Martin.  

This town of Milton took root out of a settlement started by Jasper Martin in the early 1800s.  Mr. Martin, immigrated from Newcastle, England, with his wife Sarah and two sons on May 17, 1818.   He was granted 100 acres (405,000 m.) of land from the Crown in 1820, designated Lot 14, Concession 2, Township of Trafalgar, Halton County, in the District of Gore.  During this time, there were two principal property owners in the young town – the Martins and the Fosters.  Each of these founding families has provided names for several local landmarks that mark our heritage.  Both have schools named after them! For information: Contact the Milton Chamber at 905-878-0581 or info@chamber.milton.on.ca

Craig Kielburger SS

Address:184 Martin St, Milton, ON L9T 2R4, Canada | Telephone:  905-878-8191

Craig Kielburger Secondary School was named after the founder of the WE Charity formally Free the Children Craig Kielburger who started this organization at the age of only 12 in 1995.offers a wide range of programs to suit a diverse group of students. From rigorous academic courses to Arts and French Immersion, to SHSM & Technical courses such as Baking, Cosmetology, and Auto Shop, to Life Skills and The Community Pathways Program, there is something at CKSS for all 1500+ learners. For information: Contact the Craig Kielburger at 905-878-0575 or ckshs@hdsb.cacontact webmaster

“CKSS Mission Statement – Empowering youth. Serving the community. Striving for full potential. Core Values & Vision – People: Celebrating youth and promoting the qualities of respect, diversity, leadership, and equity while continually championing active citizenship and social justice” As originally published by Craig Kielburger SS

Milton DHS

Milton DHS

Address: 396 Williams Ave, Milton, ON L9T 2G4, Canada | Telephone: 905-878-2839 Fax: 905-878-0617

From 1960 to the present day, MD students have excelled in the arts, athletics, academics and applied technologies. The many awards, pictures, trophies, banners, and plaques on display throughout our school record our deep tradition of excellence and honor the achievements of all the Mustangs who have worn the M with pride, including MD’s most famous graduate, Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, Class of 1977, the first Canadian to walk in space. Building on our strong foundation of success on the performance stage, in the classroom, on the playing field, and in the gym, our most recent class of MD students proudly carry on the Mustang tradition of reaching for the stars in their pursuit of Nothing but the Best. For information: Contact the Milton District at 905-878-2839 or @miltonmustangs.

Vision: At Milton District, our vision is to ensure that every student will explore their passions, skills, and strengths to thrive as contributing global citizens.

Goal: In our school, and in our classrooms; through an environment, instruction, assessment, and evaluation; WE, the MD staff, are working intentionally to create a teaching and learning environment that is inclusive, promotes the intellectual engagement and well-being of all students, and reflects individual student strengths, needs, learning preferences and cultural perspectives.

Mission: Always an exemplary learning experience for everyone.” As originally published by Milton DHS

Robert Baldwin PS

Address: 180 Wilson Dr, Milton, ON L9T 3J9, Canada | Telephone: 905 878-8833 | Fax: 905 875-4820

Robert Baldwin (1804-1858) was called to the Bar in 1825. In 1829, he was elected a member of Parliament of Upper Canada for the town of York. He had pure and unselfish motives and devoted himself to bringing about a good understanding between the English and French-speaking inhabitants of Canada.  

Throughout his lifetime, Robert Baldwin was highly respected and exercised moral leadership. He was a man of honor, duty, and principle whose integrity was unquestioned. His leading traits were his sense of justice, devotion to duty, and a high code of honor. He was an inspiration to his peers. For information: Contact the Robert Baldwin Public School at 905 878-8833.

Our community is strong and parents expect great things from the staff. The teachers want their school to be a place where everyone feels included and where students feel proud of their accomplishments. Together, we have all the ingredients necessary to make Robert Baldwin a great school. 

As we look to the future, may we all strive to model Robert Baldwin’s sense of personal responsibility and honor as we continue to make Robert Baldwin Public School a place where our children are inspired through learning, caring, and sharing.” As originally published by Robert Baldwin PS

W.I. Dick Middle School

Address: 351 Highside Dr, Milton, ON L9T 1W8, Canada | Telephone: 905-878-8119 | Fax: 905-878-2666

W.I. Dick Middle School is an exciting place to be! Students are encouraged to make the most of their time at our school and get involved. There are many clubs, teams, activities, leadership, and learning opportunities available throughout the year. For information: Contact the W.I. Dick Middle School at 905-878-8119.

“The Halton District School Board recognizes that many students are pursuing excellence in athletics or the arts and that those commitments may take them out of school on a regular basis for competition or training purposes. The High-Performance Flexible Timetable classes based in Milton at WI Dick Middle School offer students in grades 6, 7, and 8 an opportunity to find a balance in meeting their training and educational needs.” As originally published by W.I. Dick Middle School

ÉÉ Patricia-Picknell

Address:1257 Sedgewick Crescent, Oakville, ON L6L 1X5, Canada | Telephone: 905 465-0512

“École élémentaire de langue française du CSViamonde à Oakville.” As originally published by ÉÉ Patricia-Picknell

ÉS Gaétan Gervais

Address:1055 McCraney St E, Oakville, ON L6H 1H9, Canada | Telephone: 289 529-0065

“École secondaire de langue française du Conseil scolaire Viamonde à Oakville.” As originally published by ÉS Gaétan Gervais


ÉÉC Saint-Nicolas

Address:720 Woodward Ave, Milton, ON L9T 4A3, Canada | Telephone: 800 274-3764

“L’École élémentaire catholique Saint-Nicolas de Milton a ouvert ses portes le mardi 4 septembre 2007. Cette école était située dans un édifice temporaire jusqu’à ce que la recherche d’un site permanent soit complétée. L’école est maintenant située dans un lieu permanent depuis septembre 2010.” As originally published by ÉÉC Saint-Nicolas

ÉSC Sainte-Famille

Address: 1780 Meadowvale Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5N 7K8, Canada | Telephone: 905-814-0318Fax: 905-814-8480

Mission de l’ÉSCSF

Ici, à l’école secondaire catholique Sainte-Famille, nous offrons une ambiance familiale dans une communauté multiculturelle dans laquelle le succès de l’élève passe par un personnel impliqué et dévoué. L’enseignement de qualité, incluant la technologie et des programmes diversifiés, permet à l’élève de croître dans sa foi catholique, sa langue et sa culture francophone, et ce, dans un environnement sécuritaire.

Vision de l’ÉSCSF

La vision de l’école est de responsabiliser l’élève à devenir une participante active ou un participant actif, engagé(e) dans un processus de qualité continu, faisant preuve de confiance et de motivation personnelles, capable de résoudre des problèmes ainsi que d’affirmer ses valeurs et ses croyances tout en ayant le souci du bien-être général de la société et le respect des différences individuelles.” As originally published by ÉSC Sainte-Famille

Bishop Paul Francis Reding SS

Address:1120 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 6H7, Canada | Telephone: 905-875-0124

Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School is located in Milton Ontario. Bishop Reding Catholic is committed to providing a varied and rich curriculum and offering a strong Catholic value base for its students. Bishop Reding Catholic is dedicated to instilling in their students the desire to give back and the values of dignity, equity, and respect.

Bishop Reding S.S. was established in 1986. The school has developed a reputation for excellence in Catholic education. Since its inception, the staff and students of Bishop Reding have contributed to the rich traditions that are unique to this school community. The school was named for His Excellency the Most Reverend Bishop Paul Francis Reding, Bishop of the Hamilton Diocese from September 14, 1973, until his death on December 8, 1983. For information: Contact the Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School at 905-875-0124 or @BishopReding

“Mission Statement: Reding Catholic Secondary School strives to foster the growth of faith-centered, productive, and compassionate citizens of the world.”As originally published by Bishop Paul Francis Reding SS

Holy Rosary School

Address:141 Martin St, Milton, ON L9T 2R3, Canada | Telephone: 905-876-1121 Fax: 905-876-2074

Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School was originally built in 1954. In 1999 a new school structure designed for 487 students was built in place of the original building. Currently, in 2016, the school has received a Kindergarten classroom renovation, the installment of a new Natural Playground, and is in the final stages of a classroom addition project. For information: Contact the Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School at 905-876-1121.

Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School

Address:311 Savoline Blvd, Milton, ON L9T 7M4, Canada | Telephone: 289-851-9329 Fax: 905-636-6883

Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School is committed to providing a technologically rich environment that supports academic excellence and the overall improvement of student learning. We are grounded in the belief that all students will be able to grow and learn in a safe and welcoming environment that reflects the Catholic values of fairness, equity, and respect for all.  For information: Contact the Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School at 289-851-9329.

Our Parish Partnership

As part of Holy Rosary Parish, we work closely with our Parish Priest and the church community to live and teach gospel values and provide for the faith and development of each child. Together with parents, we assist the parish in preparing students for the sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation. Throughout the school year we bring together the home, church, and school through class and school liturgical celebrations; through the sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation; through the Religion and Family Life Education Programs; through service and ministry to those less fortunate, and through the daily example we model and provide as Catholic Educators. We are a faith-centered community.As originally published by Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School

ÉSC Sainte-Trinité

Address: 2600 Grand Oak Trail, Oakville, ON L6M 0R4, Canada

“Mission de l’ÉSC Sainte-Trinité -Dans une communauté francophone aux valeurs catholiques, la mission de l’école secondaire catholique Sainte-Trinité est de développer avec les élèves les compétences du XXIe siècle qui leur permettront d’être des citoyens et des citoyennes responsables, sachant travailler en collaboration et ayant développé un sens de l’éthique. L’école s’engage à offrir un milieu de vie où l’excellence, le respect et la motivation se côtoient dans tous les aspects de la vie scolaire.” As originally published by ÉSC Sainte-Trinité

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