2020 GTA Late Spring into Summer Market updates!

Welcome to another edition of market updates. In this video below we review:

1. Showing activity in the last 90 days up to June 15th, 2020. The showing activity in the market is skyrocketing.

2. Increase in activity in the last 30 days: Steadily going up and now at Pre COVID19 Numbers when it was a Seller’s market. It is another seller’s market now!

3. The month over month difference from mid-May to Mid June. Showings up about 121% and amount of offers registered up 175%!!

4. Month over month activity more than Doubling.

5. A steady increase in activity weekly.

This all point to the second wave of a seller’s market in 2020. If you plan on selling your home this year, you should consider doing it immediately as there are lots of buyers out there, many homes are selling for over asking and quickly. How long will this last? My guess is the entire summer as everything was delayed because of COVID19. The spring market of 2020 is officially here. The Spring market has started in May, going very strong in June. Have a look at the numbers. Have a wonderful and Safe Summer coming up!

About the author 

Filip Hajduk

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