10 Best Thanksgiving Ideas For Family Gatherings

If you’re looking for fantastic Thanksgiving ideas for family gatherings, just scroll down to get inspired. We’ve compiled a list of the best ideas to try so that your family has an extra special holiday!

The Thanksgiving holiday makes us think much of family gatherings. Over the years, your family has probably developed certain traditions associated with Turkey Day, from the best food for the Thanksgiving feast to everything you do before and after that party. We believe that all those activities have left you memorable moments with your loved ones!

This year’s festivities will be a little bit different due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and social distancing. While you may have to forget some of your oldest traditions, no problem! This can also be a time for you to add some activities that your family hasn’t even tried before. All of the following modern Thanksgiving traditions ​are sure to make you feel more grateful than ever.

Write down what you’re thankful for.

The true meaning of Thanksgiving is gratitude. Write down what you’re thankful for.

You get it! The true meaning of Thanksgiving is gratitude. And Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be together, write what you are thankful for. You can archive all the sheets to look back in someday. You will feel so happy for writing those wonderful things!

Take a holiday trip from your home.

Add some of your favorite dishes from the other countries to your Family’s traditional holiday dinner with stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetable pumpkin, and pecan pie.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may not have the chance to travel as you normally do during the holidays. This means it’s hard to be able to enjoy dishes from other countries. However, it’s easy for your family members to bring the culture to your kitchen. For example, if you’re craving French cuisine, impressive Indian meals, there are always a lot of flavorful dishes you can make to bring your guests an amazing experience.

Indulge in a pie breakfast.

Thanksgiving breakfast pie.

This is also one of the best Thanksgiving ideas for family gatherings. Instead of starving yourself until 3 p.m., why not start the day off right with a pie breakfast?

Plan a photo opportunity.

Believe us, you will never regret spending time taking a family photo with your loved ones! Let’s make it a Thanksgiving tradition so you can capture all the best memories consistently. Keep it simple with a basic portrait, or you can get creative by making a theme or creating a festive backdrop when the holiday comes around. You’ll certainly cherish the keepsakes for years to come.

Get outside.

If you’d like to get out of the house on Thanksgiving – it’s possible. There are some ways to safely go out without feeling too risky during the pandemic. Just choose a scenic location, prepare food and enjoy dinner while getting some fresh air. For example, if you live in a warm-weather location, you can come to a beach or a park for family gatherings.

Connect with family members far away.

holiday with their family. Many families may skip their big annual gathering for something smaller. And even when some of your dearest ones have to celebrate Thanksgiving without family, they can still join in the festivities virtually. 

Here, one of the most wonderful Thanksgiving ideas for family gatherings is to set up a virtual video call before, after, or even during the Thanksgiving feast. Those who are living far away from home will feel like they are there, at that Thanksgiving party.

Watch a classic holiday movie.

One of the most popular Thanksgiving ideas for family gatherings is to be together in front of the TV screen to watch a classic Thanksgiving movie after dessert. You can pick an exciting Thanksgiving movie or have fun letting a different family member choose the film each time.

Host a Thanksgiving potluck.

This is among one of the creative Thanksgiving ideas for family gatherings. Now you don’t need to spend time in the kitchen solo. Let’s get the guests into the fun by inviting them to bring their best dish. As each person has their own superstar recipe, the Thanksgiving feast will certainly be something everyone expects this year!

Play a little football or just watch it.

We are too familiar with football on Thanksgiving day. And there is no reason to say no to it on this upcoming occasion. Surely, you don’t need to be a sporty family to engage in a little football fun. Just divide the family into small teams and head out to the yard to get in the holiday spirit. Otherwise, you can choose to turn on the TV and gather around it to root on your team of choice! This will surely be one of the best Thanksgiving ideas for family gatherings.

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